one tear leads to anouther

Diana styles is obviously harrys sister but is madly in love with liam! She knows she cant be with him but just wont hold back in temptation. she makes a move and has made a serious mistake that she has to pay for


4. Everyone under attack

I heard shouting, screaming and crashing downstairs that evening then suddenly zayn stumbled in with a bleeding lip! "O my god, what happened?" "Ash came to talk to Liam, but he dumped her and said it was something to do with you di! We all said you'd left but she didn't believe us and went crazy!" "where's the others?" I anxiously asked "Well Liam was hurt the most so I thought you'd like to come along to the hospital, all the boys are downstairs waiting do if you'd come..?" I had to go. I went withought changing and huddled up to Harry "You must leave tomorrow Di" Harry whispered, "Harry, I can't leave now. Not after this has happened" Harry sighed and hugged me tight.
We arrived at the A&E centre and they guided us to Liam's room. He was asleep but had his eyes wide open. I freaked out and fainted. Banging my head on the marble floor!
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