one tear leads to anouther

Diana styles is obviously harrys sister but is madly in love with liam! She knows she cant be with him but just wont hold back in temptation. she makes a move and has made a serious mistake that she has to pay for


2. Devostation

I woke up the next morning to loud breathing in my ear, I turned and saw Liam on my bed with a breakfast tray. "12, you've had one hell of a lie-in you know" 12! I'd slept all the way in till 12! "Look about yesterday, i'm real sorry, I just.." I began but Liam put his finger over my lip and whispered, "It's ok, my girlfriend did that to me when we first met." HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! I MADE SUCH  A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF AND HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! "Can you give me a moment please Liam?" He gave me a peck on the lips and left. I softly touched my mouth and cried.

A few hours later, I got up and ready and went downstairs. All the boys clapped and then Liam came up and had a girl in his arms. "Hi i'm ash, Liams girlfriend, your Diana i guess." Ash was a typical posh and looked like that ginger girl off of disney pixars brave! She put her hand out, but i just looked at it. She pulled my hand and then gave me a evil look. She took me outside and pinned me up against the fence! "Keep away from Liam he's myn and that will never change, ok!" But I just looked at her and out of the blue i kicked her on the ankle and ran in the house. I saw all the boys run outside, not even noticing me. I just sat there. Not moving, not even a single flinch! I bet her and Liam were in the bathroom doing the dirty work when I first went in the house yesterday. She was probably looking through the key hole and thought 'lets see how tough she is.' I wouldnt care, I dont care. I wish i had said no and never had come! I'll get rid of her quickly. Ash will be gone soon enough. Thats when my devious face came up! Time for revenge! 

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