Living in a fantasy world....?

Liberty is a normal teenage girl. She lives in England with her mum, and 2 younger siblings. She loves The Janoskians, when she finds out that they are moving in next to her for a few years she can't help but feel that they won't like her. Liberty can sometimes live in a fantasy world. But when she finds her true love will she still live in her fantasy world? Will everything will be perfect?


2. meeting the Janoskians

Liberty's P.O.V 

School is always really fun. Yes i did just say that! it might not be for everybody else but it is for me, well it's because me and the girls are in the same lessons and we never even do lessons because the teachers are never there! Me Char and Beth are like the popular girls at my school. There aren't really any 'good looking' boys at my school but apparently we are meant to be some new kids today so fingers crossed they are boys..... hot ones!! 

"Liberty Hurry up your gonna be late for school!" My mum calls from downstairs.

"Okay mum, i'm coming now." 

I quickly jump out of bed, grab my clothes and go for a quick shower. i don't bother doing my hair because i washed it last night. I put my hair into a messy bun then get changed. i put my make up on then i'm ready. i grab my phone of my bedside table then head for the door. I walk downstairs. mums already made my breakfast and packed my bag:) 

"Thanks mum!" 

i sat down at the island and ate my breakfast in record time. i grabbed my bag said bye to mum then i was off. i met Char and Beth just by the school gates then we walked to tutorial. We sat down in our usual seats at the back of the room, as usual the teacher wasn't there. we sat and talked when suddenly 4 boys walk in. I recognised them, something about them, no it can't be. I looked over at Beth.



"Are you ok?"

"Ermm yeah! Let's go and welcome those boys!" 

"Yeah okay!"

I don't know how they were keeping it so cool. We all loved these boys, how on earth were they so calm. We walked over to them, they all looked at us. 

"Hey! I'm Lib!" I say trying to break the silence.

"Hey! I'm Luke!" 

His voice is just amazing! 

"Hey i'm Jai!"

"Hey i'm Daniel but just call me skip!"

"Hey i'm James!"

"Hey i'm Beth!"

"Hey i'm Char!"

"It's Nice to meet you!" Char says

"Yeah you too! i know this is a bit strange seeing as though we only just met but can you help us find our way around?"

"Yeah of course. let's have a look at your timetable." 

Luke passes me his timetable. 

"You all are in the same lessons! which are also our lessons. You can sit by us if you like?!"

"Yeah sure!"


We went back to our seats and just talked. I could tell today was gonna be an amazing day!




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