Living in a fantasy world....?

Liberty is a normal teenage girl. She lives in England with her mum, and 2 younger siblings. She loves The Janoskians, when she finds out that they are moving in next to her for a few years she can't help but feel that they won't like her. Liberty can sometimes live in a fantasy world. But when she finds her true love will she still live in her fantasy world? Will everything will be perfect?


8. Lesson 4

Jai's P.O.V

That was amazing, i kissed her and she kissed back! I didn't think she would kiss back! Maybe she like's me?

"Hey Lib look at this!" Tori said

"What is it?"

"The text from George!"

Tori show's Lib her phone, who's George though? I couldn't just ask her she's think i was weird.

"Lib can i talk to you? Please?"

"Ermmm yeah sure!"

"Who's George?"

"I'm not that sure to be honest. I think it's her boyfriend! She just showed me a picture of his ass! OMG it is just lush!"

"Oh right! Hahaha, trust you to say that about his ass!" i say trying not to show any emotions i didn't want her to see that i was upset..

She has a boyfriend there's nothing i could do about it. That kiss was fake, but maybe it wasn't, oh god. No i need to ask her if that kiss was fake or not. But then if she says no i'll like like a stupid idiot. Erghhh

Great we had Maths next. We all walked to the Maths block. Suprise suprise there was no teacher. I sat down next to Tori. She was on her phone texting George. I just looked away not wanting to look at the texts anymore. Lib and Luke were having some conversation about if Luke wanted to come to hers tomorrow.

I heard someone crying, i looked around, it was Tori. What? How did that happen?



"What's up?"


"Oh right."

" Girls i can't come tonight, i'm sorry."

"Oh right, yeah that's ok, don't worry about it."

"Jai can i come to your's? Please?"

"Ermmm yeah sure! Why?"

"I want to talk to you. It's about George."

"Oh right. Okay"

she was gonna be at my house later. Maybe i could tell her then?

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