Living in a fantasy world....?

Liberty is a normal teenage girl. She lives in England with her mum, and 2 younger siblings. She loves The Janoskians, when she finds out that they are moving in next to her for a few years she can't help but feel that they won't like her. Liberty can sometimes live in a fantasy world. But when she finds her true love will she still live in her fantasy world? Will everything will be perfect?


7. Lesson 3

Jai's P.O.V

It's now or never!

"Hey Tori can i talk to you?"

"Yeah sure!"

We go outside the room.

"Do you wanna come over to mine tonight?"



"Me and the girls are going over to Beth's, I'm sorry Jai."

"Oh don't worry about it! how about tomorrow?"

"Yeah! sure!"

this ways probably better anyway, i have time to prepesre somthing, make it really romantic!

we walk back into class and see Lib and Luke full on snogging. Ermmm is is real or?

"Ermm Lib? Luke! What's going on?"

"oh we're playing truth or dare!"

"Oh well that explains it then!"

"Come on you 2 come and join in!"


"Jai, Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to.... Snog Tori!"

i look at Tori and she looks at me. This is my time to show her what i'm made of!

"Ok!" i say

I walk over to Tori and kiss her! It's magical i can hear the fireworks!

"Ok! You can stop now!"

"Oh right yeah!"

i didn't want to stop i wanted to kiss her forever! Her lips against mine just felt so right!

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