Living in a fantasy world....?

Liberty is a normal teenage girl. She lives in England with her mum, and 2 younger siblings. She loves The Janoskians, when she finds out that they are moving in next to her for a few years she can't help but feel that they won't like her. Liberty can sometimes live in a fantasy world. But when she finds her true love will she still live in her fantasy world? Will everything will be perfect?


5. Lesson 2

Tori's P.O.V

me and Lib were having our usual conversation about boys and stuff:) we were in our Drama lesson. The teacher had left us some work to do and that she would be watching them next lesson. We had to do something that has happened in real life! Well this would be fun! Me and Lib were always having those fights usually over something stupid! So we were going to do it on that. The boys and Beth and Char were gonna be like the ones that made us friends again!

"This is gonna be hilarious!"

"Yeah but what should we base it on?"

"How about a boy? Or 2 that they were having a fight because of us!'

"That sounds great! But which boy's?"

"How about me and Jai?"

"Yeah ok!"

"Okay Jai you go with Tori, and Luke you come with me!"

"What should we do?"

"Beth and Daniel you can be watching us and Char and James you can be the ones that stop us from fighting and being friends again!"


"right let's start then!"

" You're such a bitch, why was i ever friends with you!"

" Same goes to you! You alway's were a bitch and i've known for ages hunni! God just don't ever talk to me!"

"Guys! Shut up! Don't let your boyfriends break your friendship! You've been best friends for ages! You haven't spoke to each other for 25 days! Just hug and make up already!"

"Why should i be friends with her?"

"Because you were best friends and you shouldn't let anything break that! Now please just make up!"

Me and Lib hug! It's been so long since we've had a hug and being in her arms again just made me feel safe!"

"That was so fun!"

"Yeah i know!"

The bell for Break went, we all headed to meet and eat and just talked for a bit!

~Message~ This is based on a true story! All of it including the fight then the hug! This is based on something that happened to me recently. I just wanted to say that i'm so happy now that we're friends again! ~You know who you are~

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