Living in a fantasy world....?

Liberty is a normal teenage girl. She lives in England with her mum, and 2 younger siblings. She loves The Janoskians, when she finds out that they are moving in next to her for a few years she can't help but feel that they won't like her. Liberty can sometimes live in a fantasy world. But when she finds her true love will she still live in her fantasy world? Will everything will be perfect?


1. Character bio's ~girls~

Name: Liberty Daley

Age: 17

Likes: The Janoskians, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, modelling, dancing, singing, making other's laugh and just having a good time.

Dislikes: Bitches that waste her time. Fake people

Job: dancing, modelling and singing.

Bio: Hey guys, i'm Liberty Daley. I can come across as shy but don't worry that's just me acting, i like to have fun and make people laugh. I'm quite a loud person, i'm down to earth and i never really argue, unless i need to stick up for myself. I've had quite a rough life. I'm originally from England but me and my family have traveled around alot, that's when dad left us, he found somebody better than mum. We are now back in England and we have settled down in a pleasant village. I'll admit we aren't exactly the richest of people but we survive. I've got a great family and amazing friend who will stick up for me.


Name: charlotte Jackson

Age: 17

Likes: JLS, The Janoskians, Singing and modelling.

Dislikes: Nothing really just fake people.

Job: Modelling and singing

Bio: Hey guys i'm Charlotte Jackson, i's like to think that other's would say that i'm nice. I love my family and my friend. Me Lib and Beth have been friends since Nursery and have been ever since. I'm quite a bubbly person, i'm honest but sometimes that can get me in trounle so i sometimes have to just step back and not say anything. Me Lib and Beth are like the popular kids are school, everybody wants to be our friend but me Lib and Beth are fine on our own:) My life is about to get a whole lot more exciting:)


Name: Bethany Davis

Age: 18

Likes: One Direction, The Janoskians, Singing and Dancing. A bit of modelling here and there.

Dislikes: Nothing

Job: I do singing Dancing and a bit Modelling:)

Bio: hey there i'm Bethany Davis but just call me Beth, I'm one of those girls that likes to look good but doesn't look like a slag. I've always been a popular kid at my school with Lib and Char, we've known each other most of our life, our parents were friends at school and they were the popular ones back then so i guess that's were we get it from!! I'm a big fan on The Janoskians, me Lib and Char always talk about them at school. I'm the oldest out of us so at school we always have a joke about how i'm the 'mummy' of the group! Life is begining to look good:)


NOTE: There will be more girls in the story later on:) p.s i'm sure you know the Janoskian's information:)

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