Best friends

Two girls,aimee and Victoria are best friends since forever. But when the two girls go to the local secondry; Aimee finds that Victoria had changed. So Aimee decides over the following holliday to have a makeover. But would this mean that victoria will want to be friends with her? Would Aimee care now if Victoria wanted to be friends again?


6. movies

In the end, we decided, or I decided to put off the tour. For a while at least. Anyway, there were plenty of other bands to watch tonight.

The others wanted to watch the bands. That, of course, excluded Niall, Harry, Kelly and myself. Niall decided to trash the room because Harry told him that some elves had hidden the food. In fact, Harry just hid the sweets between myself and him.

After a while when we calmed Niall down, as it was funny, we setteled down to a movie. Of course it had to be the twilight saga. Kelly is team Edward, I'm team Jacob, whilest Harry and Niall are on team Bella. Taylor Launter, sigh.


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