Best friends

Two girls,aimee and Victoria are best friends since forever. But when the two girls go to the local secondry; Aimee finds that Victoria had changed. So Aimee decides over the following holliday to have a makeover. But would this mean that victoria will want to be friends with her? Would Aimee care now if Victoria wanted to be friends again?


8. morning

A song started. I yawned. After a bit I realised that it was my phone. This song is really good I thought to my self - Too close, Alex clare. I ran over to the desk and pulled my blackberry out of my bag. As I rubbed my eyes and read who was calling, It was Tory. I pressed the green phone button.

"Hello." I said

"You little bitch!"

"Why?" I sighed.

"Why on earth are you going out WITH my ex-boyfriend?"

"Harry and I are dating, but what has that got to do with you?"

"Because we were dating and he cheated on me with you!"

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