Best friends

Two girls,aimee and Victoria are best friends since forever. But when the two girls go to the local secondry; Aimee finds that Victoria had changed. So Aimee decides over the following holliday to have a makeover. But would this mean that victoria will want to be friends with her? Would Aimee care now if Victoria wanted to be friends again?


2. Hollidays

On the first of August, myself and the rest of the band Kayak had a preformance at a famous London club. I can't remember the name now, it will come to me. Anyway the rest of the band : Kelly-anne -vocalist, Danny- drummer, Aimee (that's me)- gatarist/singer, Max- base and our manager Anton.

We had to stay at The Ritz the night before the preformance, as well as a week after as we are gigging around the London clubs.

I had a little room behind stage left. A large bowl of Maltesers, Skittles, M&MS, Minsterals and toffee popcorn had dominated my desk. There was a large blue sofa behind me, and a antother to the left of me. On the wall in front of me was a large mirror with little starry lights surrounding it. A coffee table was placed in the middle of the two sofa's. I decided to change from my natural hair colour, a coffee brown to the swarskopf blue hair-dye.

After applying this a youngish woman came in. She was with five teenage boys. Although I was going to be in year 8, I was 16. I came from America, that's how I met Tory. I was put down three years because of my academic.

"Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis, this is Aimee." She said.

"Hey." they chouroussed.

Harry winked, my heart melted.


"Hi." I replied, smiling.

They quickly went, and harry gave me a note. On it it said my name.



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