Best friends

Two girls,aimee and Victoria are best friends since forever. But when the two girls go to the local secondry; Aimee finds that Victoria had changed. So Aimee decides over the following holliday to have a makeover. But would this mean that victoria will want to be friends with her? Would Aimee care now if Victoria wanted to be friends again?


5. acheing

Soon after, I woke up. My head was sticky and what felt like a line was drawn on my head. A doctor was in my dressing room, and kelly, Anton, danny and co was standing by the door talking.

"..will she be allright?...will she be able to preform tonight?..when will she be better?" The unreconiseable blurry voices rolled inside my head. The voices weren't of those I reconised. But my band was here? Must be my imagineation... Why would Harry choose me?

I heard someone crying next to me.

"Harry?" I asked.

He looked up, his brown eyes looked straight into mine. The guys looked up at me. Kelly rushed up to me.

"I was so scared. I don't want to sing on my own!" She cried.

"Hey, I'm not that ill, silly." I told her.

"You won't be able to sing and your head is all bruised. You silly idiot!" She giggled. "Harry was scared that you would be in a coma. Niall was upset that he left most of the sweets behined. So you want one?" She handed me the bowl of sweets. I took a couple of minstrells.

Some footsteps came down the corridoor and paused at the door.


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