Best friends

Two girls,aimee and Victoria are best friends since forever. But when the two girls go to the local secondry; Aimee finds that Victoria had changed. So Aimee decides over the following holliday to have a makeover. But would this mean that victoria will want to be friends with her? Would Aimee care now if Victoria wanted to be friends again?


3. A note from Harry

Harry's writing was big and slanted slightly to the right. I opened the letter. It read:

" Aimee,

see you tonight. Come to my dressingroom when you are ready ; it's to the right of your's. Will watch you tonight, and hopefully buy you a drink.

Harry x"

When I finished reading this, I jumped up and started to dance around the room. Accidently bumping into the cabnit next to one of the sofa's. I laughed.

Anton rushed into my dressing room with all of my bandmates, and Niall. They all looked concerned.

"This is awkward." I said, breaking the silence.

Niall was next to Anton.

"FOOD!" Niall shouted pointing to the bowl of sweets.

I gestured for him to have some while Anton helped me up. Everyone was laughing at Niall ; he is so funny. I sat on the sofa, while Niall sat on my chair in front of the mirror.

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