College Year With One Direction

Two girls come across one direction in their college?


2. Room 440

Melanie P.O.V

All the teacher does is talk talk does he ever shut up? An that sound of the chalk on the chalk board drives me nuts! 


Yes miss Jane but be back soon or you will miss everything. he said

Pffth its not like I care about this class anyways. I got up and out of my chair and walked down the 3 steps and out the wooden door. I wonder if Gigi is having anymore fun then me at least she likes the classes she picked. I was walking trough the dark blue hallways when I bumped into some guy with brown hair and trousers on. 

"Oh im so-"

Its fine love its my fault. He said in a very sweet tone.

Wait what?? Love? So nice? I had to look up and see who  it was and when I did it was Louis Tomlinson.

"I..I...I I am Melanie."

Huh oh hi Melanie im Louis. he said.

"I know who you are your from one direction." "What class are you going to?"

Oh im going to room 440 I think im a little late. he said

"Oh im in that class do you want to sit next to me I sit alone anyways and that class is kind of hard to me anyways." Hahah that class isnt even hard to me but if I act like it is maybe he would tutor me.

Hmm ok you seem like a nice girl anyways. he said

We walked back to the class as we opened the door everyone turned their heads and looked at us like we killed someone!

"Ummm im back and with a new students."

Right when the girls turned their heads they all ran out of their chairs and attacked Louis. I was being pushed and shoved all around and then I got pushed so hard that I hit the wall and hit my head......


Louis P.O.V

I was being trampled by all these girls omg! Where did Melanie go! I turned my head to see a blue wall and then I looked to the ground and saw Melanie knocked out on the wooden floor!


Every girl stopped in their tracks and saw Melanie on the ground. I ran up to Melanie as quick as I could.

"Melanie can you hear me wake up Melanie!"

There was a quiet hush all around the room I felt all the eyes on me. I picked Melanie up and walked up to this tall man who I guess is the teacher.

"Excuse me do you know where the infirmary is or nurse?"

Its down the hall make a right and you will see it. he said

"Thank you so much sir."

I ran out the small classroom and down the dark blue hallways and made a quick turn to the right while Melanie was still in my arms. I feel like this is all my fault those girls must of pushed her and she hit her head on the wall hard. I saw the infirmary and ran in.

"Excuse me miss this girl hit her head hard."

When the nurse turned and saw me she smiled real hard.

Oh ummm yes just lay her right there on the bed. she said

" ok is she gonna be ok?"

Yes she most likely just hit her head a little hard which knocked her out for some time. She said

"Oh ok."

I laid Melanie on the bed as the nurse said and walked out the door the bell ranged all ready! I got a text from Harry saying.


I met this sweet girl that Niall found she is really pretty did you meet anyone nice?

"Oh thats nice and yeah I meet this girl named Melanie she has blonde hair she is really sweet and pretty but she got pushed around by all these girls and hit her head so I had to take her to the infirmary but she will be fine."

I started to walk back to my room and then I got another message back from Harry.

Oh wow I hope she is ok well ill be at your room in a minute k ill bring the Liam and Niall with me k.

I replied back saying.

"Ok see you soon."

I kept on walking back to my room and when I got there I pulled out my key and unlocked the door to the wooden door. Zayn was home too.

"Hey zayn how are you?"

Oh hey Lou im good class was interesting bunch of girls kept staring at me and almost cried. he said.

"Oh wow."


There was a knock on the door, Im coming. I opened the door to see Harry, Liam, and Niall but also this very pretty girl.

"Hi guys come in."

Oh Lou this is Gigi the girl I was talking about I found out that her friend was Melanie the girl you met. Harry said.

"Oh hi love."


Gigi P.O.V


Would you like anything to drink? Louis said.

"Huh oh no no thank you."

Louis was even handsome in person as well! 

Gigi. Niall said

"Yes Niall?"

I think I left my book in class would you come with me to go get it please. He said

"Oh ok sure I dont mind."

Thank you. He said sweetly

I saw the boys stare at each other as if Niall had a crush on me. Anyways we walked out the door and into the navy blue hallway and down the hall.

Gigi. Niall said

"Yes Niall."

Thank you for being a good person and so nice to me.

"Your welcome Niall thank you for being so nice to me too!"

I turned and gave him a hug, which I couldnt believe how warm and comforting that hug was.



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