College Year With One Direction

Two girls come across one direction in their college?


1. First Day

Gigi P.O.V

"Melanie, Melanie, MELANIE WAKE UP"!

"Its time to get up we have class! while i pour cold water on her GET UP!"


"Melanie dont yell at me just wake up"

Ugh fine just shut up, I cant believe you poured cold water on me! ~Melanie said

"Melanie just wake up ill go get us breakfast"

I was walking in the hall and turned right to the kitchen. There was muffins,cereal,milk,bagels, and bacon. I got Melanie a blueberry muffin, and some milk. I started to walk back to the room when I bumped into someone.


" Oh im sorry"

No no its my fault he says as he walks by.

" I didnt even look up to see who it was all I know is he had blonde hair"


Melanie's P.O.V

Where the heck is Gigi and my food!

Im back Melanie with a blueberry muffin and some milk. ~Gigi said.

" Finally food"

Im sorry Mel I bumped into some guy with blonde hair today. She said.

"Blonde hair"? "Did he have blue eyes"? "Irish accent"?

Well I think he had a Irish accent maybe. ~Gigi said.


No what does it mean she said as she sat down on the bed  next to me.

" That was Niall Horan"!

No it couldnt be why would he go to this school? ~she said

"Well didnt you get the paper they will be going to this school I think"?

Oh ~she said

Gigi's P.O.V

What if that really was Niall Horan I have a major crush on him, oh geez im shaking like crazy, Im walking in the hall way to my class when I dropped my books on the floor

Here let me carry that for you ~ someone said

I looked up and there he was Niall Horan. "I...I..I"

I think you remember me from earlier ~ he said

" Yeah I do you dont have to carry my stuff"

I will what class are you going to? ~ He said

" Ummm English"

I have that class too ill just take your stuff with me.~ he said

 We was walking together and walked into the class room he even sat next to me. Thats when I turned and saw Harry Styles and Liam behind us.

Hey guys this is uh oh crap I didnt get your name~ he said.

" My name is Gigi"

Oh lovely name~ He said.

Hi Gigi ~ Harry said

How are you? ~ Liam said.

"Hi guys and im fine I just dropped my stuff and Niall carried it to class for me"

Oh how sweet of him ~ Liam Said

"Harry had a smirk on his face"



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