The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


11. Zayn

Liam's POV
They were saved by the bell. They were messing with us. I'm in love. I just Love Her! It was lunch. We raced to the dining table. We ate like we haven't ate for weeks. Louisa was left to clean up

Louisa's POV
I was left to clean up. I was so careless I didn't see a knife and I cut my self at the wrist. The boys and Franz weren't here. I kept the screams inside and just cried. I needed to clean the wound I quickly went to the faucet. There was no water I guess they were messing around with me. I had to clean the wound to avoid infection. All I could see was alcohol. I took the chances, I put alcohol on the wound. I screamed as loud as I coukd cause of the pain. No one came down. I need help but I cant leave the place I just cant!

Zayn's POV
We were messing with Louisa. She didn't go up yet to kill us. What's happening, this isn't right. I went down I could her screams of pain. I even tripped while going down. I could hear pain I went down I saw Louisa had a huge wound at her wrist.

"Louisa!" I yelled
"Zayn! Help me clean this thing!" Louisa yelled
"I guess this is karma" I said
"Not funny Zaynie!" Louisa said.

I grabbed coton and alcohol.

"Ready for this?" I asked
"Ready!" Louisa answered

I began cleaning the wound. She was crying and squirming in pain. I had to bear it inside. Seeing my crush crying in pain. I wrapped her wounds with coton and gauges. I saw her smile when it was over. I wiped a tear drop on her face and carried her to the couch. I grabbed ice-cream from the fridge. And we started watching a movie.

"Awe thats sweet you don't have to do this all for me" Louisa said
"Are you kidding me you hurt youself, you should be in utter luxury!" I replied

Louisa hit my arm playfully and I pretended to wince in pain.

"Poor Zayn!" Louisa said

It was the kissing scene in a movie. I looked over to her we looked in each others eyes for a few moments and I kissed her. The feeling was awesome! I love her and I would prove it to anyone. The movie ended. I slept on her lap. I missed this feeling I wanted this moment to last forever. Then I woke up by the sound of gigling

"They look so cute together!" Franz said
"Come on Louisa" Franz said while pulling Louisa's wrist
"Aw shoot! Fudge!" Louisa exclaimed
"Huh what the fudge happened!" Louis said while racing to Louisa's side
"I cut myself and Zayn helped me!" Louisa said in a cheerful voice
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