The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


7. The Escape

Franz's POV
Now I know! I'm a part of a love triangle, but who do I choose. I have to ask Louisa for this! I found Loulou just sitting on top of her bed thinking.

"Hey Loulou what are you thinking about?" I asked
"Boys" She answered
"Huh! Me too." I said
"Franz what do you think Liam, Zayn or Louis" Louisa asked
"Well you've always loved Louis, Mrs. Tomlinson!" I said
"But I didn't know I loved two guys aswell, anyways how are you and Niall and Harry. Who are you gonna choose, Mrs. Styles?" Louisa asked
"I have no idea, but for you Zayn cause he's your type. Mysterious, handsome, brave and sweet! On the other hand it might be Louis. Your always serious he makes you laugh and you look awesome together! Or it might be Liam always there for you smart and everything you are!" I said
"Or Tom" Louisa muttered out silently
"Wait seriously! Tom!" I said
"What he's my best guy friend since forever! And he's my date to the prom!" Louisa said
"Dudet really! And I know this is supposed to be a secret between me and Tom, but He has a crush on you too!" I said out loud
"Wait what?!? Are you serious!" Louisa said
"Yeah look now your part of a love pentagon!" I said with a fake smile
"How about you and Harry you look cute together and you always loved him in that way, but I never expected Niall-" Louisa didn't finish the door opened

The boys came falling from the door

"Tom is your date to the prom!" Zayn said
"He has a crush on you!" Liam said
"and love pentagon and Mrs. Tomlinson!" Louis said

Me and Loulou tried to say something but they kept interuping us

"Wait what do you mean Mrs. Styles?!?" Harry asked
"And what do you mean you never expected to fall in love with me?!?" Niall concluded
"WAIT!!" I screamed to make everyone silent
"Umm guys why were you eavesdropping on our conversation?!?" Louisa asked
"Umm well-" They didn't finish Louisa's phone was rang

Louisa's POV
My phone rang and I answered it.

"Hello?" I said
"Hey Loulou!" The guy on the other line said
"Hey Tom!" I said in a cheerful voice. While the boys shot me serious look. They were mouthing "Seriously"
"So I just wanted to ask, you want to go to Nandos with me?" Tom asked
"Sure now?" I said
"Perfect see you there!" I said

Tom Hung up

"So bye see you later!" I said
"Umm no you're not!" they all said in unison
"Yes I am!" I said back
"Where are you going?" Liam, Zayn and Louis said in unison
"Somewhere out there over the rainbow" I said
"Well you're not going there, cause we don't know you're safe" Louis said
"So that means we have to lock you in your room!" Zayn said
"But why!" I said
"Cause your not safe" Liam said

They locked me in my room. They put a chair from the outside. I couldn't get out. There was a window at my room, and a huge tree. I did what had to be done. I grabbed the tree and I began climbing down. Step by step I was at the bottom. I stepped on one branch and it broke I fell on my back

"OUCH!" I said out loud
"Louisa how did you-" Liam said

I ran in to the forest before he could finish. I finnaly reached the road and I was off to Nandos!
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