The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


8. Stalkers

Franz's POV
"Okay guys Louisa is of with Tom, so where should we go to first?" I asked
"Nandos!" Niall yelled
"It's worth a try!" Louis said
"Fine LEGO TO NANDOS!" I said

We hopped in Harry's car and we went to Nandos. The drive was silent. We got there we saw Louisa chatting with Tom. I looked over to Liam, Zayn and Louis they looked a bit jealous. Later our classmates Amber, Patricia, Mara and Joy walked in Nandos.

Louisa's POV
My classmates walked in. I blushed.

"Well look what we have here!" Patricia said
"Awe you look cute together!" Amber stated
"He's just a friend! And I have to go my friends are at my house!" I said
"We've heard that you moved out and your living with Franz and others who could it be?" Joy said with a evil smile
"Oh wait you think I'm living with Tom and Franz!" I said then I started laughing like crazy
"So if it's not Tom who could it be?" Mara said
"Well its none of you buisness! I have to get home they might be worried about me!" I said while standing up. Then Patricia pushed me causing me to fall on Tom
"Awe thats cute!" Patricia said while taking pictures
"Just friends!" I said while walking out of Nandos

As I walked out I saw the boys and Franz. Louis ran towards me and gave me a kiss on the lips. Franz, Mara, Patricia, Amber and Joy were taking pictures. Luckily there were no paparazzi or Directioners around.

"What was that for Lou?" I asked
"I don't know, it felt right!" Louis said
"Umm Louisa remember us?" Liam and Zayn said in unison

I walked over to them and kissed them on the lips

"Happy?" I asked
"Never better" Zayn said
"I agree with Zayn" Liam said
"Don't you remember us?" the others all said in unison
"We don't!" I said
"You live with One Direction!" Amber said
"No umm our head teacher told us to spend a day with them today" I said
"Oh okay, So you aren't living with them!" Joy said
"Yes we aren't" When I said this they left
"Hey Loulou umm our teacher told us we are in charge to make preparations for the prom so see you tomorrow!" Tom said
"Sure see you tomorrow!" I said
"So preparations for the prom!" Franz said
"Yup! Wait Wait I'm still not forgiving you guys for stalking me here!" I said
"Come on Louisa can please please forgive us!" Louis begged me
"Fine I will!" I said

We were in Harry's car I began to check twitter on my new 3G phone from 3/5 of the 1D boys! I feel rockin fantastic. Amber already posted what happened in Nandos. I tweeted "For all thenpeople who saw this post this is fake trust me!". They all belived and left me alone I guess I was pretty convicing.
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