The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


5. Prom Dresses

Louisa's POV
"Thanks Louisa! Its for the prom" Zayn said
"You guys look really handsome!" I exclaimed
"You should buy something too!" Liam said
"Sorry guys but I don't have much money for a dress" I said
"Well we'll gladly pay for it!" Louis said
"But- but-" I said
"No but's you have to buy a dress!" Zayn said
"Okay Fine!" I said while getting off my seat and going to Forever 21

Franz's POV
I'm in the mall with One Direction. Tons of girls would do anything to be in my position!
"So Franz what do you want to do?" Harry asked
"Well I don't know what do guys want to do?" I said
"You guys wanna play lasertag?" Niall suggested
"Sure!" I said

We went to lasertag. We were all against each other. I saw Harry I shot him at the back. I could hear him saying curse words. Next I saw Niall he was clueless of what he was doing. I took,a chance I shot him at the back too. I ran up to the second level Harry was there too. I felt someone pull me to the side, it was Niall!

"So what's up?" Niall asked
"Well I'm really having fun-" Niall didn't let me continue he kissed me on the lips
"So you know how I really feel about you now" He said then he shot me at my chest
"Awe unfair" I yelled

I saw Harry then I shot him again at the back. I saw Niall and shot him at the chest. He saw me I ran to the second level. I heard the buzer ring indicating time is up. I looked at the results. I won with just a shot at the chest by Niall!

"So Franz you wanna look for some outfits for your prom?" Niall asked
"Sure that'll be great, but I don't have money" I said
"then ill pay for it!" Harry stated
"Are you sure about that?" I asked
"Of course!" Harry said

We went to Forever 21 and to my suprise Louisa was there too. She was modeling clothes for the prom too! She kept trying on casual clothes, I guess she feels embarassed that the boy have to pay for what she's gonna buy too.

"Come on Louisa buy something a bit more expensive!" Louis demanded
"Those clothes don't suite you I bet you would look prettier in dresses!" Liam said
"Fine!" Louisa said
"Hey Lou-lou you want me to help you choose a outfit!" I said
"Yes!" Liam, Louis and Zayn said in unison
"Yay! Franz ill help you choose an outfit too!" Louisa said
"Harry is paying for my clothes, it seems really embarrassing!" I whispered in Louisa's ear
"Louis, Liam and Zayn are paying for mine!" Louisa whispered back
"Oh so that's why these clothes are clearly not your taste you love dresses!" I said out loud
"Louisa don't be too embarrassed choose a dress that is your taste and all!" I heard Zayn say

Louisa blushed a bit. We were off to the dress racks to look for some clothes. We got our clothes and went to the dressing room. I was first to go out I wore a yellow dress with white gems at the side with matching yellow heels.

"Wow Franz you look amazing!" I heard Harry say
"Thanks!" I said

Then Louisa came down our jaws dropped she looked amazing! She came down wearing a short strapless satin blue dress, it had a gem design which ends at the middle of her dress. She wore blue satin high heels. With a One Direction necklace.

"Now that is the Louisa I know!" I exclaimed
"Louisa you look beautiful!" Louis said
"You really think so?!?" Louisa asked
"Ya you do!" Zayn said

We both took a look at the tag price mine is £45 it was kinda a bit over budget, but Harry said it was alright. I looked over to Louisa she was biting her lower lip.

"Well how much is your whole outfit?" I whispered
"Well it's £105, which is really expensive!" Louisa whispered back
"Well Lou-lou how much is it?" Liam asked
"I don't really need a prom dress I have one-" I interupted Louisa
"It's £105!" I said
"You really had to do that" Louisa said with a mad look
"They have to know" I said defending myself
"Come on Louisa its alright we're the famous band called One Direction and we could afford almost anything and its just £105 we coukd buy that for you!" Louis said
"Your really want to do that?" Louisa said
"Yes we are sure!" Zayn stated

We went to the counter to buy our outfits. Harry and Niall bought it for me and the others bought Louisa's. Louisa looked really embarrassed.
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