The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


9. Preparations!

Louisa's POV
We are incharge to prepare our prom. So much for whole two weekes with One Direction. I woke Franz and the boys up. I made breakfast me and Franz ate faster than the boys so we left them there and they could just follow. We got there my classmates and Cameron was there me and Franz did everything to avoid her. I was incharge for the streamers and curtain while Franz was incharge for lighting and Cameron and her friends were incharge for music and Tom is helping me. Why does Cameron get to do the job with the boys. I heard a loud I knew that the boys were here, cause who would scream like that!

"Hello we're her for the Prom preparations!" Liam said

All the girls from the otherside of the gym came running to the boys' direction. Making my lader fall. I fell and landed on Tom's arms

"Well that was a close one." Tom stated
"Thanks for being there" I said. Then I gave him a peck on the cheek

I looked over to the boys and I saw Liam, Zayn and Louis a bit jealous. They went at my back

"Hey Loulou Vas Happenin?" Zayn said
"I dont know putting streamers and curtains on" I said
"So your not incharge of music" Louis said
"Yup I'm not Caneron is!" I said while pointing to Cameron's Direction
"Why cant it be you!" Liam said like a whiny child
"Cause life is unfair!" I said
"Yup it is so see you later babe!" Louis said then he kissed me on the lips
"HEY LOU YOU DONT JUST DO THAT! Anyways" Zayn said then he kissed me on the lips too
"So I deserve one too!" Liam said then he kissed me on the lips

almost all Directioners in the room were taking pictures. I went back on the ladder and continued doing my job. I looked over to the stage. I saw Cameron kissing Louis, Liam and Zayn and they were kissing back without complain. I felt a bit mad and I wanted revenge. I went down from the ladser and kissed Tom on the lips. It was long and passionate making the boys really jealous. Time passed by and later it was time to go home. Then I looked back to my suprise the boys were hanging out with my nemisis Cameron.

"Louisa that girl can sing!" Zayn said
"Ya she can." I said with a fake smile on my face.
"Yeah she is she's so rokin fantastic" I heard all of the boys say
"Yeah she is she's good in everything!" Franz said I knew she was pretty furious too
"Why are you guys like that she's really nice" Harry said
"Are you guys jealous?" Niall asked

That was it I got too mad. I just stayed silent for the rest of the day I was too mad. She can sing but she's not the same for me. One time Me and Franz were just singing our favorite song. It didn't match our voice cause it was too high. She videoed it and posted it on youtube. I got really embarrassed there so We never sang any song out loud again only in our heads. They were playing truth or dare. We didn't want to be that bitter so we joined in. It got pretty funny Niall was dared to eat soil. Louis was dared to slap his own face. Harry was dared to get hit in the pain center. Then it landed on the middle of me and Franz. The rules were that if the bottle pointed at the middle of two people. Those two people had to do what they asked for

"So girls we dare you to sing Want U Back by Cher Lloyd" Louis dared
"Fine!" Franz yelled
"Awesome!" I replied lying
"So go on then!" Liam stated

"Boy you had much game thought I need to upgrade so I went and walked away way way" I started
"Now I see you've been hanging out with that other girl in town looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns" Franz continued
"Remember all the things you and I did first" I sang
"And now you're doing them with her" Franz sang
"Remember all the things that you and I did first?" I sang
"You got me, got me like this: Ugh!" Franz sang
"And now you're taking her to every restaurant" I sang
"And everywhere we went, come on!" Franz sang
"And now you're taking her to every restaurant" I sang
"You got me, got me like this: Ugh!" Franz sang
Then we sang together
Boy you can say anything you wanna
I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want u back, I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back
I broke it off thinking you'd be cryin'
Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin'
I want u back, I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back.

We didn't finish the song the boys started clapping.

"That was AWESOME!" They all said in unison
"Thanks!" Me and Franz said in unison
"You sing better than Cameron!" Harry said
"Thanks! You finally admitted it!" I yelled

My phone rang. It was unknown caller I took the chances and answered it. It was Cameron.

"Hello can I talk to the boys please?" She asked POLITELY
"Sure fine!" I said getting pissed off I threw the phone to the boys and I went to my room.
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