The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


3. Moving In

Franz's POV
Well I guess Niall likes me too, cause he spends alot of time with me too. My thoughts were interupted by my phone it was Louisa.

"Franz! I have good news and bad news the bad news is that we have to take our tests early which is TODAY. The good news is we get the whole two weeks off school with 1D. Study now and we have to go to school at one o'clock" Louisa texted
"Sure!" I texted back

I studied non stop. I ended at 10:49am just enough time to go to school. I got there at 10:50am I also saw Louisa there. We were asked to stay at room 342 we raced there and took our tests, it was pretty easy. It hit me the whole two weeks with 1D tons of things happened yesterday what the heck will happen in two weeks gosh I'm so pumped!

Louis' POV
I got the news from 'management' if the girls pass their tests. They get to spend two weeks with us. I hope they'll pass!

Louisa's POV
We were waiting for our tests results, if we pass we would spend two weeks with One Direction if we don't goodbye future boyfriend! I got my results I passed all of them I even excelled I compared my scrores with Franz we both excelled!

Louisa. Franz
English. 98/100. 97/100
Math. 100/100. 100/100
History. 98/100. 99/100
Chemistry. 97/100. 98/100
Physics. 99/100. 99/100
Science. 99/100. 97/100
French. 100/100. 100/100

OMG I really feel so awesome right now! I get to spend the whole two weeks with One Direction! I texted Louis with my old phone I seriously want a new one!

"Louis! Look at the scores we got Boo Bear Look how fudging high we got!" I texted
"How did you do that and Boo Bear?!?" Louis texted back
"I want to call you Boo Bear, Lou can you pick us up from school please :3" I texted
"Sure Carrot Princess (I want to call you Carrot Princess!)" Louis texted
"Fair enough can you please Harry Up!" I texted
"I see what you did there and I'm Harrying Up!" Lou texted
"Okay see you here Boo Bear!" I texted
"Boo Bear?!? This is Zayn Louis is driving but seriously Boo Bear?!?" Zayn texted from Louis' phone
"Just ask Louis why just please Harry Up!" I texted
"Fine!" Zayn texted
"Thanks Zannie!" I texted
"Yay I have a cute code name!" Zayn texted
"Okay umm FYI I'm an impatient person!" I texted
"Patience is a virtue!" Zayn texted
"Fine ill be waiting :(" I texted

Almost after five minutes. The boys arrived, Liam came out he carried me into the car bridal style, then Niall came out and carried Franz!

"So girls where do you want to go first?" Louis asked
"We've always wanted to see where you live!" I said then I realized how awkward that question is.
"Why don't you two girls live with us?" Liam said with a exited tone
"We would love too!" Franz said
"Okay guys pack your stuff and you can come live with us!" Zayn stated

We got to Franz's house first she got her stuff so fast I mean in like 10minutes only seriously! Then we got to my house I got a bit embarased when it was 25minutes already. My sister screamed her head off when I looked down why One Direction walked in our house I grabbed them and pulled them straight into my room. They helped me pack my stuff. Then a few minutes later I was done. We went to their house. It was huge! it was in the middle of nowhere their house was in the forest! It was a beautiful sight to see.
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