The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


12. Liam

Zayn's POV 
I guess I got a few points. When I helped Louisa. I have to be with her but I have tight competion, Louis and Liam!

Louisa's POV
"Let's go to the carnival!" I heard Louis say
"Sure, now?" I asked
"Yes now!" Louis replied. 

He carried me bridal style in the One Direction van, where they got pulled over for driving to slow. 

"Guys dont drive too slow again!" I heard Franz say
"Dont worry Louis wont be driving this time!" Harry said
"Ouch thats just hurtful!" Louis said
"Such a drama queen!" Zayn whispered
"Thats even more hurtful!" Louis said
"Dont say that to Lou you all know he's sensitinve. Lou heres a carrot!" I said while giving him a carrot which I brought. 
"Thanks Louisa!" Louis said. Then Harry began driving

In a few minutes we arrived to the carnival. We spilt up into two groups. Louis, Liam, Zayn and me to the first group and Harry, Niall and Franz at the second. We all had a blast. We ran in with Franz's group a few times. I went to the roller coaster alone cause Zayn was afraid to join and they are worried that some person does something to Zayn. Franz had a blast she got two giant stuff toys. A cat from Harry and a teddy bear from Niall. I heard screaming. I looked at my back there were over a hundred Directioners! They all started running. I had bad luck my shoe laces got untied. One Directioner got to me and sqeezed my wrist. I winced in pain and started running faster in pain. I tripped on my shoelaces. I fell, the boys and Franz were long gone. I would get run over by hundreds of Directioners. Soon I felt someone carry me. I looked at him it was Liam! We ran then we stopped at a side of a booth. He looked at my wound. He realized it wasn't wrapped properly. He took the liberty of wrapping it tightly this time so it wouldn't hurt.  I noticed hundred of screaming fans run by the booth we were hiding in.

"Come on Loulou lets get you some fun" Liam said
"Fun?" I said then he pulled me towards a booth. 

You had to knock over all the botles with one shot but we have three tries. The keeper didn't seem to notice who we are. Liam got it all knocked down in one shot. I got suprised he did it all in ome shot. He chose a prize. He chose a large Teddy Bear. The keeper said we could write something on it. We told him to write One Direction. Liam gave it to me as a reminder that he met me and fell in love with me. Which was pretty sweet. 

"Louisa! Liam where in the world are you!" I heard. It was Zayn
"Were here!" Liam yelled
"Come on guys before we get in more trouble!" Louis said while pulling us in the van

Lets say Liam was pretty sweet today!
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