The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


6. Kisses!

Louisa's POV
It's so fudging embarrassing! Why do they have ro buy my dress it seems so wierd! I feel so embarrassed!

"Don't be!" I heard Zayn say I guess I said that out loud
"It is-" I got cut off by Zayn he leaned in for a kiss it was amaZAYN
"Well now you know I really feel." Zayn said then he left me

I like Zayn in that way but does he really love me? I went to the front porch to think. When I heard someone

"Hey Lou-lou, What's Up?!?" Liam said
"Nothin much" I said

Then he pulled me into the forest. We sat on top of a hill.

"This is sweet" I whispered
"That's awesome!" Liam said

Then he looked in my eyes and kissed me. I have to say he is a brilLIAM kisser! We returned to the house. I was just sitting on the couch, watching TV. I changed the channel to MTV. What Makes You Beautiful was playing. I gave all of them a serious look, and they all laughed. Then Louis sat beside me.

"You look beautiful today love!" He said in a happy tone
"Thanks Lou!" I said

I layed my head on his shoulder. I fell asleep.

Louis' POV
She fell asleep on me again, but I love it when she does that. She looks so cute. Louisa's sound asleep. I carried her to her room. She woke up when I put her on the bed.

"Hey Louisa" I said
"Hey Louis" Louisa said back

I couldn't prevent it from happening. I kissed her. It feels so good just to be around her, but to kiss her I know thats another level! We pulled away to breath and I left her to rest. I want to be her boyfriend so bad but I have two other guys wanting to be with her too. This wont stop me, Nothing will!

Franz's POV
Louisa is a part of a love SQAURE! So lucky. Im not sure if both of them like me that much.

"Hey Franz!" Someone said it was Niall.
"Hey Niall!" I said in a cheerful voice
"Do you remember what happened in Lasertag, when I kissed you?" Niall asked
"Yeah why-" I didn't get to finish he pulled me into a kiss
"Franz I really like you." Niall said as he walked out my room

I have feelings for him but but- My thoughts were interupted by someone going in my room

Harry's POV
"Hey Franz!" I said in a happy voice
"Hey Hazza!" Franz said back
"So you know there's a love square happening with Louisa, Liam, Zayn..." I said
"And Louis!" me and Franz said together

I stared in her eyes. Her black eyes was mysterious as she is. I leaned inmfor a kiss she kissed back. We fell on the bed and we pulled away for air.

"I love you Franz." I said
"I love you too Harry but I also love Niall" Franz said as she walked out of the room

Gosh I never fell in love with a girl, but if I do I fall hard. It would break my heart to see her with another guy especially with my best mate Niall
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