The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


13. Harry

Liam's POV
This afternoon was a hectic day! The good thing is that I can express my feelings now to Louisa,I really like her. How do I prove myself?

Franz's POV
Well today was fun I got some excercise!

"Hey guys you wanna go on a fancy dinner tonight?" I heard Hazza ask
"That would be awesome!" Louisa said
"Yeah well-" I said but Louisa cut me off
"Come on Franz lets go. It would be fun!" Louisa said in a convincing voice
"Fine!" I said
"Well guys we better get ready we'll be ready after a few hours!" Loulou said
"A few hours seriously?!?" I said while Louisa was pulling me to our room

She got alot of dresses from the closet

"Okay now let's choose a dress!" Louisa said
"Okay!" I said

We both questioned the dresses we were going to wear. We said no to alot. After one hour we found the perfect outfits for each other. We did our make up we didn't wear that much. We both hated make up! We went down and the boys just stared at us

Harry's POV
They both looked beautiful. Franz wore a black lightly sparkled dress. Which is a major turn on while Louisa was wearing a red petaled dress. All of us were shocked by what they wore.

"well what do you guys think?" Louisa asked
"In simple words were just speechless!" Liam said
"well come on girls lets go to our dinner!" Louis said

We made it in style. Ariving in a limo. We went to a place called Bon Chon. It was kinda fancy. We walked in we ordered our food I could see paparazzi swarming the place. I could see that the girls were getting kinda embarrassed. I felt bad for them I know they arent used to this I went over to Franz.

"Hey Franz are you sure your comfortable with this kind of treatment" I said
"Yeah I am I'm not sure about Loulou she doesn't like being pictured that much" Franz said softly
"She looks okay, but how about you" I said

I moved closer to her and hugged her. Sne buried her head in my arms while we were waiting for the others to finish.

Franz's POV
Harry is sweet today. He is so sweet. I cant say flirtatious I can say this is real. I think Im falling for Harry Edward Styles the real him
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