The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


2. Day with ONE DIRECTION!

Harry's POV
I looked over to Franz I could see her blushing a bit, so I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She looked like she was going to faint

"Franz! Reality check!" Louisa said
"Did Harry Styles just kiss me and are we really gonna spend the while day with these five awesome guys?!?" Franz asked
"I'm not sure anymore I think this is a dream, but I never want to wake up!" Louisa said
"Girls this is not a dream this is real" Louis said
"Well then guys where do you want to go first?" Franz asked
"Can we go to the cafeteria I'm kinda hungry" Niall stated
"Sure guys right this way" Louisa said

Louisa's POV
This isn't a dream! I'm really spending the whole day with One Direction! We were foing to the cafeteria when I saw my nemisis her name is Cameron. She hates me with all her guts! I have no idea why. She walked over to me and pushed me causing me to fall.

"Who are these boys?" She asked in a comanding voice
"Umm we're her friends" Louis answered in my defense
"When did she ever get friends, I mean you boys should be hanging out with people like me!" Cameron stated

When we heard the bell ring meaning to go to our next classes. Cameron went to her class and left us alone.

"Louisa are you alright?" Zayn asked in a caring voice
"I'm fine, never better!" I answered
"Who was that?" Harry asked
"That was our enemy, Cameron!" Franz stated
"Well that better not stop us lets go to the cafeteria!" I said in a happy voice

We walked to the cafeteria. Well it was pretty big. I think its around one kilometer long, we have alot of food shops there.

"So guys this is our cafetorioum!" I said

I could see Niall run to Nandos, typical Niall. He ordered so much food. I didn't eat because I wasn't really hungry and besides I'm saving for a new phone! I want a 3G phone. After that I was going to save for a One Direction concert but no need for that anymore, because I met them in person and I'm gonna hang out with them for a whole fuding day!

"Do you girls play sports?" Liam asked
"We play volleyball" Franz answered for me
"Cool!" Zayn stated
"Well we have a huge field here, you guys wanna play some sports?" I asked
"Sure, that would be awesome!" Louis stated

They finished eating. We were going to the field. We borrowed one basketball, one football, and one volleyball. Me and Franz were playing volleyball, Zayn and Liam are playing basketball and Harry, Niall and Louis are playing football. There was a point where the football hit my head and I fell on the ground.

"I'm so sorry love!" Louis said
"It's fine atleast it isn't a basketball" I said

I got up felling a bit dizzy, but I could stand up. Almost instantly when I got up the bell rang indicating it was lunch. I looked at Franz she looked worried too. I knew that our 'Directioner' friends will be going down to the covered courts soon. I told everyone to run, until the farthest part of the field, so that nobody could see us. We weren't allowed to go to the field, but since we're with One Direction we're excused. I got pretty bored at that time, so I did what I always do when I get bored and my bus isn't leaving yet. I would just sit at the field and daydream. I know its weird, but it makes me feel relaxed like all my problems would go away. When I was sitting there Louis sat next to me.

"Hello love what are you thinking about?" Louis asked
"Well I just wanna relax" I said
"Well could I 'relax' with you?" Louis said
"Sure!" I answered

I fell asleep on his shoulder. It feels so amazing

Louis' POV
Louisa fell asleep on my shoulder. I kinda have some feelings for her. I know the other guys like her too. Apart from Harry and Niall who are obviously in love with Franz. The bell rang again I could see they were going up to their classrooms. They left us, I guess they didn't see us. Louisa was sound asleep on my shoulder, so I had to carry her bridal style to the covered court

Louisa's POV
I woke up in Louis arms

"What happened" I asked
"You fell asleep on my shoulder" Louis answered
"Oops sorry Louis" I said while blushing
"Okay you two love birds snap out of it, lets go to the playground!" Franz shouted like a little girl
"Comming!" I yelled back

We went to the playground. I felt embarrased if anybody sees us in here, I mean we're 18 we shouldn't be here anymore. I saw everybidy behaving like a bunch of pre-schoolers, so I joined along. I was too tall for the monkey bars, that made me feel a bit sad. There was a pole there it was really high so I decided to slide down on it. I remembered this wasn't really allowed for anybody cause the workers srewed up they made the pole to far from the falling point. It was too late I jumped from the falling point, I thoght I would fall my face flat on the floor, but I didn't. Liam caught me from falling

"Are you Okay love?" Liam asked
"Yes I am, and thank you for saving me from falling Liam" I said
"Anytime babe!" Liam answered then he walked off

They continued playing like little children. I wasn't really into this anymore so I just began to text my friends from other schools of course, then one of my classmates texted me

"Hey Louisa would you be my Prom Date?" It was from my classmate Tom he's cute and a good friend
"Well maybe it depends :)" I texted back
"Yes!" He texted back which really ended the conversation
"Who were you texting Loulou?" Zayn asked
"None of your buisness Mr. Malik" I answered then he grabbed my phone and looked at the messages
"So you have a date to the Prom." Zayn said
"Yes I do, anyways why are you guys here anyways?" I said
"We're here to perform on your school Prom" Zayn answered

I was shocked when he said this. Later it was time to go home. They all gave me and Franz their numbers and promised ti go out with us on the weekends. Somehow I'm falling for three guys now Louis, Liam and Zayn. I wonder who am I gonna choose?!?
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