The Prom

A girl who is in love with one of One Direction. How will her love story end up and how did it all start? Well you just have to read it!


1. A few more days!

Louisa's POV
Hi I'm Louisa I'm 17 (turning 18) I'm a huge Directioner along with my best friend Franz I have black curly hair, blue eyes and I cant honestly choose who's my favorite in 1D. I mean it's like asking a mother whose her favorite child! Well our prom is comming soon, rumour says that One Direction is going to perform here! I seriously hope they will!

Franz's POV
Hi I'm Franz I'm 18 I'm a huge Directioner! I have black curly hair and black eyes. My favorite in 1D is Harry I mean he's Harry!

Louisa's POV
Well a few more days until our school prom. We were having reviews for our finals. I'm an honor student so is Franz. I was writing on my wrist the 1D logo their names almost everything about One Direction. Franz did the samething as well

Louis' POV
We are gonna perform in this school called Colegio San Agustin its a Filipino name but its really a prestigious british school. They say that there are tons of Directioners there. We were gonna meet a few student there today, during school hours to prevent us from being murdered. Well we past by some classroms they saw us and one girl almost fainted, then we came across this classroom it was really quiet. Like nobody saw us then I saw two girls they were writing 'Directioner' stuff on their wrists then I saw their bags. There was a Candy magazine with us on the cover! They are real Directioners.

"Excuse me but can we meet those two girls over there" I said as I pointed to their Direction.

He said he would pull then out of class right now. We could meet them and talk to them for the rest of the day. I was pumped to meet these two girls

Louisa's POV
Our head master pulled me and Franz out of our classes for the whole day. I thought we were gonna be introuble! When we got out we say five teenage boys, when we got a closer look it was One Direction. I sqeezed Franz's hand.

"Hallo girls we're One Direction!" Louis said
"Hi I'm Louisa and this is my best friend Franz" I said proudly
"Hallo girls!" Harry said in a sexy tone

I saw Franz blush a bit
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