The Freak's Prison

You look around. There are only cells of other creatures like yourself. There is no escape. You only have some straw to sleep on, a food and water bowl, and something else, something shiny, black and round, with a small brown string coming out of it. Each prison cell is the same, but different people are being held by the guards. There's no escape, and you'll be trapped in here for the rest of your lives... Or, will you?

I would like to thank some Moshi friends who helped me with a RolePlay, and it turned into a story: cpwebkinzpop, loppy1883, akme10backup, snowyblues, mh9981, cutexxsheep and liddel8050.


1. With Lucy

Lucy, the soon to be 17 year old spirit struggled, but got thrown in a cell on her own by Zoey. Or was it Bridget? You never knew because the prison guards never bothered to wear name tags, lazy cows. Lucy's long black hair swished against her face, and her pale hands removed every strand with just a touch. The whole room was dark. The only light was from the Head office. That's where the boss works. But suddenly, a bomb lit from a room. From that room, she could see a girl. A small girl with her baby brother George. 


"George! GEORGE! GEORGE! GEORGE! SOMEBODY LET ME OUT! GEORGE! GEORGE! STAY STRONG! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE, SURVIVE! FOR ME! FOR YOU! FOR MOM..." she yelled, bright blue tears pouring down her pale skin and bone of a face she had.

"Down. DOWN. DOWN!" Zoey had to repeat before Lucy and her dark green eyes dissapeared into the darkness. Lucy settled down on the small straw bed after drinking from the water bowl.

"What do they think we are? We're not wild animals. We're like them! If anybody is the animal, they are! They have just evolved from monkeys!" mumbled Lucy. She picked up the water bowl and threw it at the bars of the indestructible cell. Lucy slumped against the wall. She looked up and whispered,


"I love you mom, I regret all the things I said." Lucy covered her hands with her face and sobbed quietly in the corner of this Zoo. She will never get over it. She never will. She got up and kicked the wall, punched the glass window (with no effect whatsoever) and saw a doll. It walked over to her and jumped through the bars. It walked up the wall, and sat on the ceiling. A breeze came crawling through the doors in between the old cells. Lucy got in the straw of bed as the doll dropped beside her. 

"Me want be friend." whispered Doll, without moving a stitch.

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