The new pretty little liar

Hi I'm Hope I just moved to rosewood today and I've heard of some terrible things that have happened here, one is Alison's death. I was a friend of Alison's then she stoped texting me and we never talked again. Anyway I like to sing and swim, I can play the guitar and I have a BIG secret nobody except Alison knows... It's hard to keep a secret like mine.


1. Join the club

I wake up to my alarm beeping and quickly turn it off. It's my first day at a new school and Ive already been accepted into the swim team, I quickly get my clothes on and pack my half full back. I run down stairs and make a piece of toast and butter it, I go outside and jump in my pink jeep and drive to school.

I find a park and jump out of my car ( literally jump ) and grab my bag and head for the door. My phone beeps so I pick it up. It says: I know your secret -A, that is quite creepy, I run to the office and grab my schedule, it's the same one i had at my old school except It doesn't have music on it. I go to the pool and see that no one is in the pool, they are at the locker room. That's when I see her...

(sorry its short)
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