The new pretty little liar

Hi I'm Hope I just moved to rosewood today and I've heard of some terrible things that have happened here, one is Alison's death. I was a friend of Alison's then she stoped texting me and we never talked again. Anyway I like to sing and swim, I can play the guitar and I have a BIG secret nobody except Alison knows... It's hard to keep a secret like mine.


2. Emily field!! How long has it been?!?!

"Emily!" she turns around and smiles the widest smile ever " hope!! how long has it been? I've missed you so much!!" she runs up to me and gives me a big hug and walks with me to my locker. " what have you been up to Emily? Besides swimming" I ask and we both giggle "well ive been out with maya but we broke up a few days ago, what about you?" she asks "well I've been to a few places and I have had an eye on someone but they liked this other person." I say and she hugs me "don't worry I'm here for you" she says while hugging me, I hug back and then put my school bag in my locker " I'm going to get changed I'll be back" I say and run into the changing rooms, i get changed and my phone beeps again. It says: getting cozy their with Emily their hun? Well she would love a girlfriend so why don't you take that position?-A, this a person know my secret... And Emily could find out too. I get back to my locker and put my clothes in, I walk over to the pool and Emily drags me over next to her, I smile and we do swim practice for a while then we get dressed back into our clothes and I wait for em while she finishes getting dressed. " what classes have you got?" Emily asks, it makes me jump then I grab my schedule from my bag. Emily looks over my shoulder at the list, it makes me happy that she is so close to me. " we have all of them together! Great, do you want to meet my friends?" she says sitting next to me " I would love to meet your friends!" I say and we get up " by the way I wanted to tell you that if you don't like some of them just be nice, you'll always have me" she says and heaps my hand and pulls me to outside of the English classroom. " guys this is my friend hope, hope this is hanna spencer and aria" she points to them as she says their names " hi " they all say and smile at me and Emily still holding hands. I smile at Emily and she smiles back " looks like hope is your new maya " says Hanna I blush and so dose Emily, we let go of each others hands and smile. The bell goes so emily and I go to English.
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