I can change your heart

During the summer holidays, best friends, Dree and Whitney fall in love with the same guy. After a bad split from her ex boyfriend Dree is too scared to have another boyfriend so tells Whitney that she can have him. Dree finds herself constantly sad when around the pair and feels like dying. Meanwhile, her other best friend, Austen, falls in love with her. Will she ever be able to have another boyfriend? Can Austen change her heart, and make her see that he's better for?


4. You'll never guess what

The sun shone through the crack in the curtains, lighting up a slither of the room. Bottles were scattered all over the place, packets of anything, everywhere. And four people crashed out, spread across the room. Dree was the only one awake but she dared not move, so that she didn't wake the others. She just lay, her head pounding from the alcohol, thinking back on the night before. She had got so drunk to get rid of the feelings she had towards Garrett. They'd all got naked and started dancing, as usual Whit had been all over the boys, even more whilst she was drunk. She rubbed her head, in hope of it feeling better. It didn't. She didn't particularly want to remember what had happened the night before. She hadn't enjoyed it even if it was with her three best friends. She remembered being really jealous when Garrett had started dancing with Whitney when they had come back in with their club dresses on. She had felt her heart sink and her eyes had dropped to the floor, her head hanging low and her confidence collapsed. She decided that she needed a drink so slowly got to her feet and tip toed to the kitchen. She looked behind her looking to see if anyone had stirred. No one had. She grabbed a glass out the cupboard and poured some water into it. Sitting on the kitchen side she drank her water whilst debating whether or not to wake the others. She decided not, so jumped off the side and went upstairs to get changed and sort her self out. Looking in the mirror she sighed as she remembered her last relationship. I had been going so well, they were perfect together. Then one day he just turned and ended it, lying to her, accusing her for the end. But worst of all cheating on her. She'd loved Jordan a lot, he'd made her the happiest she had ever been and brought her out of her skin. When it ended she'd been sent further back in then she had even been before. To scared to even talk to boys let alone trust another one and date him. She hadn't had a boyfriend in over a year. Dree's eyes became dark as she started to brush her teeth and get the memories out of her head. Jordan, had been so nasty about it all after they had broken up. His sister was one of Dree's closest friends, he had told his sister that Dree was the one that broke up with him. It turned out that he lied to many people to cover his tracks. Dree found out that he had cheated on her whilst she was celebrating Christmas. Tears had streamed down her face so much that it was not visible to see. Weeks later it was Jordan's last day in the area as he was an army child, he'd started talking to Dree apologizing for what he did, she'd accepted his apology and they became mutual friends again. But her best friends found out what he did and had a go at Jordan for him and Dree to only hate each other all over again. She felt like she couldn't put her trust in any boy ever again. But Garrett was different, she'd known him a long time. His eyes always seemed to sparkle whenever she looked at him.

Putting her tooth brush down she walked into Whitney's room, opened her bag and picked out what she was going to wear. A pair of blue distressed short shorts, an oversized check shirt and a vest top, with her army boots. She wasn't very girly, more of a tomboy. Suddenly aware of a presence behind her she spun on her heels. 

"Why are you so tomboy like?" Whitney asked, laughing nad rubbing her head. Dree shook her head and turned back round. 

"You know I'm not girly, I can't stand pink, or flowers, it's who I am," Dree said, looking in the mirror applying mascara and bronzer, even though her skin was already golden and flawless. Whitney sat down on her bed, and  looked through Dree's clothing. 

"I have to find you something girly to wear one day," She said. 

"Never! You will never get me in it!" Dree warned pointing her mascara wand at Whitney. They both laughed. Whitney paused. 

"You'll never guess what," She said, breaking the pause. 

"What?" Dree asked, turning around. Whitney looked down for a second, shyly. Her head popped up then she gestured for Dree to come over to her. Dree skipped over and sat on the bed next to Whitney, who started giggling, evidently still slightly drunk from the night before. She leaned towards Dree's ear so that she was only a few centimetres away form it. Then paused, looked at the door as if to check if anyone was coming. 

"I fancy Garrett," 

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