I can change your heart

During the summer holidays, best friends, Dree and Whitney fall in love with the same guy. After a bad split from her ex boyfriend Dree is too scared to have another boyfriend so tells Whitney that she can have him. Dree finds herself constantly sad when around the pair and feels like dying. Meanwhile, her other best friend, Austen, falls in love with her. Will she ever be able to have another boyfriend? Can Austen change her heart, and make her see that he's better for?


3. Wild Nights


It was half eight, and the boys had just sat down after putting their stuff next to the sofa and changing into more comfortable clothes that consisted of tight fitting vest tops and jogging bottoms.

“What should we do first?” Whitney asked excitedly.

“Calm down,” Austen said jokingly under his breath. It wasn’t very quiet as Whitney heard and playfully hit his arm. Dree sat with her back against the sofa back, whilst everyone else sat in the middle of the bed. Austen looked over at her and smiled. She half-heartedly smiled back. Austen shuffled over to Dree whilst Whiney and Garrett started getting deep into conversation.

“You alright?” He asked her. She nodded.

“No, your not, I can see it in your eyes,” He said, concerned. A smile rolled over her face.

“I’m fine,” Dree giggled.

“OMG!” Whitney suddenly shouted.

“What?” Dree asked laughing more now. Whitney shuffled over to where Dree was sitting and leant towards her ear.

“We should go ad get in our party dress and do our hair and tease the boys with some sexy dancing,” She whispered in Dree’s ear. Dree’s eyebrows crinkled for a moment, as she thought about then she nodded. This would be her time to show off to Garrett. They jumped up and told the boys to find some club music to put on, then ran up the stairs. I a matter of seconds they had taken their pyjamas off and had their party dresses on, applying makeup and doing their hair. Five minutes later they walked down stairs, music blaring wearing massive heels and sexy little dresses. Whitney was wearing a strapless tight fitting black dress that had lattice work sides and only just covered her arse. She had black lattice strappy heels on that had little studs on them, her hair was down and wavy and she had smouldering smokey eye make up on. Dree had a black and gold halter neck dress on which had a low cut back on, that was very close to her arse and was also tightly fitted, her heels were gold and high and her hair was curly and up high in an adaptation of a ponytail. Her makeup was simple but made her look sexy. They strutted into the front room, where the boys were sitting and stood, in front of them, posing as if in a Photoshoot. The boys looked round from their conversation they were having. Garrett wolf whistled and made his way closer to the girls. Nodding to the music and slowly getting up. Whitney was dancing all sexy, smiling and giggling, flirting with the boys as the came closer, Dree copied but you could sense that she felt awkward. She watched as Garrett, got up and went behind Whitney and started dancing with her. She felt pain saw through her chest as she watched them. Jealousy shot through her and she started dancing more, pulling her dress up as she danced. Austen walked over to her and started dancing with her, she was happy to get attention- it was nice but it wasn't Garrett. Whitney stopped ran out the room, and returned with four bottles of beer. Dree grabbed one and instantly started drinking. 

An hour later, they'd all had many to drink and were a bit tipsy, sitting on the bed and starting to play, strip poker. Austen was the first to lose and took of his socks. Whitney next, taking off her shoes. Garrett was the next person and look off his socks as well and then Dree had to take her shoes off too. Then things started getting interesting. Garrett lost the rest round and took his top off revealing a gorgeous shaped body, with perfectly toned abs. Whitney lost the round after that and had to take her dress off, but kept it half on to keep her bottom half covered. Austen lost the next round and decided he'd rather take his trousers off, then Garrett lost the next round so had to take his trousers off as well. Finally Dree lost another round and took the top of her dress of but then lost the next round as well so she slowly slid her dress down and sat there in her sexy lace underwear, that showed off her dark tannned perfectly maintained body. Garrett and Austen exchanged a glance that said, wow, then went back to playing the game. Austen lost the next round and took of his top, then Whitney lost her whole dress as well. Now they all sat there in their underwear, waiting for the next round to start. 

"Wait, we've got less to take off then you two have," Austen stated. 

"If we lose we have to take off both things then," Whitney said. Austen and Garrett both smiled. Dree breathed in a bit nervous the boys had never seen her naked before, no one had, she was a bit nervous about it. Garrett was the first to lose his underwear and sat proudly naked on the bed as the rest of us carried on playing. Wow, Dree was thinking, he's hot. But she had to concentrate so that she didn't have to lose her underwear. 

"Yes, I win!" Dree said as she won to Whitney, whilst both boys sat with them, everything let loose. 

"Wait, we have to keep playing until you get naked," Austen said. She sighed. 

"Really?" She asked. They all nodded. The next game she lost. Great, she thought as she pulled her underwear off. The boys looked at her and their eyes widened. 

"You'r hot," Garrett admitted. Dree blushed. The rest of the night went past just as wild as the beginning of it had. But no one would be prepared for what was going to come in the morning.... 

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