I can change your heart

During the summer holidays, best friends, Dree and Whitney fall in love with the same guy. After a bad split from her ex boyfriend Dree is too scared to have another boyfriend so tells Whitney that she can have him. Dree finds herself constantly sad when around the pair and feels like dying. Meanwhile, her other best friend, Austen, falls in love with her. Will she ever be able to have another boyfriend? Can Austen change her heart, and make her see that he's better for?


2. The boys are coming



Living close to school meant that Dree could get home quickly, which was helpful as she hated walking long distances. Clambering up the stairs as she hoped through the door, she ran through the mental list of things that she needed to take with her to Whitney's house. She threw her bag on her bed and grabbed her makeup bag and hair brush out of it and placed them next to it. Turning round she grabbed her wardrobe door handle and opened it, revealing piles of clothes. Reaching in and pulling out her favourite pairs of short, she put them with the other things on her bed. After about five minutes and a massive pile of things on her bed she was ready to pack up for the weekend. Getting her gym bag out from under her bed she neatly packed everything away in it, tightly fitting everything in. She finally got changed and was about to put her shoes on when her phone started ringing. 

"Hello," Dree said, after running over to her phone. 

"Where are you?!" Whitney shouted down the phone. 

"I'm just putting my shoes on, I'll be there in about five minutes, calm down," Dree said. 

"Hurry up," Whitney shouted and hung up. Whitney got a bit over excited at times, but Dree loved to be around such a lively girl, it cheered her up. Dree picked up the bag, put it on her shoulder, run down the stairs, picked her keys up off the side and run out the door. 


Five minutes later she stood outside Whitney's door, waiting for her to open it. Whitney's bounding foot steps could be heard loudly as she galloped to the front door. 

"Finally!" She said as she dragged Dree in. They ran upstairs and put Dree's bag in Whitney's room, and sat on the floor. 

"I think we should, get our tans done first, then, hands and feet and then sort out our hair, " Whitney was saying but Dree wasn't listening, her mind kept wondering back to Garrett. 

"Dree?" Whitney asked. 

"Yeah, sounds good," Dree answered. They grabbed their bikinis, put them on and started their spray tan process, exfoliating, moisturising and finally tanning. After an hour they had finally finished sorting themselves out and were dressed ready to go to the shops. 

"What do we need to get?" Dree asked. 

"Movies, sweets and popcorn, drinks, food for the next couple of days, um, and anything else that we might see and want," Whitney said smiling as she stood up from putting her shoes on. The shops weren't that far away from her house, only a few minutes walk there. They picked up a basket as they walked in and headed straight for the DVD isle. Picking up the many DVD's that they wanted they carried on towards the sweets and drinks, after picking up some other food to keep them going for the weekend. The basket started getting heavy after they put two 2 litre bottles of diet coke in it and two big bags of popcorn. They made their way to the checkout and soon had the shopping in carrier bags. 

"Shall we get a starbucks to go home with?" Dree asked. 

"You read my mind," Whitney said, laughing. They walked into the adjoined shop and both ordered a small strawberries and cream and made their way home. 

It was only a few hours until their mega sleepover really began, and during that time, the girls did what they always did, socialise. They were stuck to the laptop and their phones, until Whitney finally spoke. 

"By the way, the boys are coming," She said. 

"What do you mean?" Dree asked, her heart suddenly pounding at the thought of staying with Garrett for the night. 

"Garrett and Austen are staying the night with us," She carried on, looking  down at her phone to check the time, "Which means we should start getting everything ready," She finished getting up. Dree followed her, wondering when they had decided to ask the boys to come along, she didn't mind though, it would make a funny night. 

They ran downstairs and into the front room, made the sofa bed, into a massive bed, laid blankets on the floor, dragged the giant pillows down stairs and made the front room into a cosy little nest. Then they jumped into the kitchen and emptied all the food into bowls and took them into the front room. 

Ten minute later, they were answering the door to the boys, in their pajamas and ready for a brilliant night. 


Dree looked at Garrett as he walked in. His face lit up when he saw them, and his eyes seemed to sparkle in the small amount of light that was still around. His smile was gorgeous and made her melt. She sighed and walked along behind him as they went to sit down, he smelt so good. She just wanted to be his, wanted him to hold her and tell her that her loved her. She shook her head, where had these thoughts suddenly come from? It was going to be a very interesting night.....

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