I can change your heart

During the summer holidays, best friends, Dree and Whitney fall in love with the same guy. After a bad split from her ex boyfriend Dree is too scared to have another boyfriend so tells Whitney that she can have him. Dree finds herself constantly sad when around the pair and feels like dying. Meanwhile, her other best friend, Austen, falls in love with her. Will she ever be able to have another boyfriend? Can Austen change her heart, and make her see that he's better for?


5. I'm sorry

"I fancy Garrett," Dree's heart fell. Her mind went back to the night before. She remembered them getting into their dresses. Whitney had kept going on about having to look good, she was always at the mirror checking that she looked good, making sure her hair was perfect and her make up hadn't smudged. She had waffled on  about how to impress a guy, and that it was always important that you should look the part and play the part so that he'll notice you. Then it ran to them dancing, thinking back she noticed that it was normal dancing, not like how her and Austin had danced. They had been too all over each other, they hadn't acted anything like just friends. Garrett's hands had slid up Whitney's legs, onto her arse then under dress as she pushed herself onto him. He hadn't objected, he'd jeered her on. Thinking back Dree could see it all the way through the night, but she had been to blind to even notice. The compliments she gave, the staring, the looks, the laughing, the hair twirling. She hadn't known it but she had watched them basically getting together the night before. Her heart ached, she could feel tears starting to emerge. She couldn't like Garrett. She didn't want to like Garrett- not like that anyway. Garrett was just her friend, she wasn't meant to love him she didn't want to love him. She had just thought that everyone was drunk and messing around, being teenagers and having fun.

"Dree..... Dree! Dree!" Someone was shouting her name which snapped her back into reality. She had tears pouring down her face, and she was sitting on the floor her back to the wall, her legs in front of her and her head bent back.  She looked up, meeting gaze with Whitney, who was bent down in front of her, half her hair looking perfect and her face covered in worry.

"Dree what's wrong?" Whitney was asking. She looked worried as she peered down at her. She grabbed her hand and tugged at her to pull her up. Dree wiped the tears away from her eyes and followed Whitney to the window seat. She sniffled as she sat down on the seat opposite her best friend. Whitney was still holding Dree's hand. Over the past couple weeks the girls had become closer friends then they had ever been before, they shared everything, clothes, secrets, stories and pretty much everything.

"So what's wrong?" Whitney said quietly to Dree. Dree turned to look at her best friend, her eyes were red and puffy. She sighed.

"Well the truth is Whit, I.... I knida like Garrett to," Dree whispered. Whitney looked shocked. She didn't say anything.

"Whit, I' m soo sorry, you know I wouldn't normally do this but I don't know," Dree started but Whitney cut her off.

"Hey hey hey, it's fine, don't worry about it, if you don't want me to go out with him, then I won't go out with him, your my best friend Dree and I would do anything for you," She said. Dree laughed. There was a short silence, both girls were smiling.

"Whit, go for it. You and Garrett would be so cute together, and you know me, ever since Logon you know I'm too scared to date, I would be useless if I even tried to start anything with Garrett, you go for it," Dree told Whitney.

"Logon was just a boy, a boy who lost something that was way to good for him and mistreated it because he was careless and he broke it, so bad that it feels as if it can't be fixed but it can, I'll only go out with Garrett if you honestly want me to," Whitney said to her.  Dree smiled and leaned closer to her friend as she wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her.

"Of course I'm sure," Dree said to her. Whitney smiled and got up.

"Your the most amazing friend," She said to Dree. Dree smiled back as Whitney walked out the room.

"I'm sorry, this is gunna hurt," Whitney whispered to herself as she walked out.

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