I can change your heart

During the summer holidays, best friends, Dree and Whitney fall in love with the same guy. After a bad split from her ex boyfriend Dree is too scared to have another boyfriend so tells Whitney that she can have him. Dree finds herself constantly sad when around the pair and feels like dying. Meanwhile, her other best friend, Austen, falls in love with her. Will she ever be able to have another boyfriend? Can Austen change her heart, and make her see that he's better for?


1. Couldn't fall in love...


Staring out the window Dree sighed. Why did the last day of school just go on forever? She wanted to be out in the sun, the cool breeze blowing in her face, as she sun bathed on the grass listening to music and wearing her new ray ban sunglasses. But sadly she had another fifiteen minutes to wait until she was even allowed to leave school. Her teacher was chatting on about some mathematic equation that she didn’t understand; even if she was in top group math it still confused her- a lot. She wasn’t interested in what he was saying, she wasn’t interested in math, or anything that either confused her, or she didn’t like, which was most subjects. Being one of those students who wasn’t bothered about school, only got on with a handful of teachers and only actually liked a few lessons, whilst still managing to be naturally smart. Dree hated it. She started to imagine her summer, the scorching sun, the sand between her toes on the beach, the cold waves splashing against her skin as she ran into the water, the heat of the grass as she lay down, she couldn’t wait for this lesson to end. Her thoughts were interrupted by her best friend, Whitney, elbowing her in the ribs. Whipping her head round she noticed that the classroom was emptying. Grabbing her back and flinging it on her back she stood up quickly and followed Whitney who was already walking out the class room.

“In a bit of a day dream there, was you?” Austen, one of her two guy best friends shouted to her from the otherside of the corridor.

“Shut your face, Austen!” She shouted back. Dree found him very irritating but couldn’t help but still be best friends with him. They’d been friends since they were five, he knew nearly everything about her and could make her laugh pretty much all the time.

“Oh, calm down, I’m only joking around,” He said as she reached his side. Whitney was oddly quiet.
”Whit, you alright?” Dree asked, concerned, changing the subject. Turning round, Whitney was smiling.

“I’m fine, just laughing at you two arguing- as usual,” She said turning back round so she could carry on walking.

“Where did Garrett go?” She suddenly asked.

“I don’t know,” Austen admitted. He was useless when it came to knowing where people were: he never listened to anybody but himself.

Garrett was the tallest of all four of them, he had bright blonde hair that flopped over his right eye. Every girl at school fancied him, being captain of the football team, strong, muscular with a torso made in heaven and those sparkling blue eyes, he was irresistible. Austen wasn’t much different, he boxed more than playing football, and he could dance, that’s how Dree had meet him. His hair was mousey blond and spikey but still quit long. His were green but could change shades and colours occasionally. He was slightly shorter than Garrett, but still got a lot of attention. Whitney was quite tall, but pretty, she was slim with shoulder length blonde hair, with natural streaks of darker colours. Her eyes were also a spakrlin blue. She had big boobs which got a lot of attention from the boys, Dree had always been jealous of her. Dree was the opposite to all of them. She was small, very small compared to them, but still very slim, her hair was long wavy and light brown colour she had lowlights streaking through her long waves. Her face was rounded and she had a small nose, her eyes were dark brown with a hint of green, though sometimes they turned red or yellow. Her skin was quite dark, so she always looked tan, but everything else she hated, especially how small she was. Suddenly Garrett came out of nowhere and jumped on top of her. She jumped. Garrett was laughing. As he went over to Austen and they fist bumped. I shook my head and walked off with Whitney by my side.


The sun glared as they walked out the double doors of school, on their way home. The boys were running after them, still laughing.

“You still staying over mine for the weekend?” Whitney asked Dree. They had planned to have a girly weekend at the end of the summer term to prepare for summer, they’d already been keeping fit to get a good body shape.

“Of Course,” Dree answered smiling so much her jaw ached.

“Good, I can’t wait, we have the whole house to ourselves for the whole weekend, from today until Sunday night,” Whitney started as we walked towards the school gate. Garrett and Austen were just in front of them now, talking, laughing and joking around. Dree stared at Garrett, he looked good today, really good. He was so funny as well, even if him jumping on me scared me it was still funny. She shock her head she couldn’t be falling in love with him could she?

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