Till Death Do Us Part (A Liam Payne Fanfic)

The boys of One Direction are moving into a new house--well, not exactly new. The house was built 200 centuries ago. The entire house was covered in cobwebs, torn wallpaper, and unsteady floors. Liam stays in his room while the others look around the house for a bit. In the corner of his room was an antique wooden dresser, covered in dust and cobwebs. Engraved onto the door of the dresser was the name of a girl who once lived there, shortly after the house was first built, in the 1800's. By reading the name, Liam unintentionally summons the ghost of the girl who lived in the house a long time ago. Could he be dreaming?


2. Meeting Odette

"A-Are you...Odette?" I asked, quaking in fear. "Yes...who are you, mortal?" she replied, her eyes STILL failing to blink. "I'm L-Liam Payne of One D-Direction....me and the rest of One Direction j-just m-moved here...will y-you hurt u-us in any w-way?" I asked yet another question, still trembling. "No, why must you think I am a harmful spirit?" Odette replied, finally regaining the ability to blink. "It's just that...I'm a human...and you're a--" "Ghost?" she asked, cutting me off. "Y-Yes..." I replied nervously. "Well, worry not, Liam. I shall not harm you, I shall protect you and your friends." she assured me, coming closer. "Well, I guess I'll just introduce you to the boys now--" "Wait. Before you tell them about me, I need to inform you that the Counsel of the Afterlife prohibits the overexposure of spirits, like me. If you're friends tell too many people about me and the afterlife, I shall be forced to return to my grave. Please inform them about this rule." she told me, being very detailed about the rule. "Okay. Now come on, let's go introduce you to the boys." I said, walking out the door, Odette following me. "Oh, and don't be scared, they're nice lads." I informed her. "Oh, I'm not scared. Why must you think I'm scared?" she replied. "Oh, nothing. Come on, we don't have all day."

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