Till Death Do Us Part (A Liam Payne Fanfic)

The boys of One Direction are moving into a new house--well, not exactly new. The house was built 200 centuries ago. The entire house was covered in cobwebs, torn wallpaper, and unsteady floors. Liam stays in his room while the others look around the house for a bit. In the corner of his room was an antique wooden dresser, covered in dust and cobwebs. Engraved onto the door of the dresser was the name of a girl who once lived there, shortly after the house was first built, in the 1800's. By reading the name, Liam unintentionally summons the ghost of the girl who lived in the house a long time ago. Could he be dreaming?


1. Moving In

Everything was going smoothly when we first walked in. It might have been a little bit dusty, but we didn't mind. We were going to deal with that later, after we unpack. Me and the boys just moved into a house. A house in which, the realtor warned us about, is over 2 centuries old and may be a little rickety than normal houses. That explained all of the dust, the old antique rooms, and the broken down kitchen. Of course, with a little bit of renovation and personalizing, this would turn out to be the best house we've ever possibly lived in. We set our stuff down in the loft, and decided to do a little bit of exploring. Harry went to look at the lounge, Niall went to look at the kitchen, Louis took the dining room, Zayn looked at the master bedroom, while I just stayed in my room. There was a very tattered and torn wallpaper, a hardwood floor that creaked every step I took, and a dresser, covered in dust, and multiple cobwebs. Curiosity took over me and I swung the dresser doors open. Inside the dresser were multiple dresses, in which I predicted were designed during the 1800's. On one of the doors were letters engraved onto the wood of the dresser door. I brushed the dust off with my index finger, revealing the letters, which spelled out a name. "Odette..." I whispered the name quietly to myself. Suddenly, the room shook. The tile wood floor shuddered. The ceiling nearly collapsed. A figure of a girl stepped through one of the walls. She looked about my age. Her face was pale. Her blue eyes never seemed to blink, and she didn't say a word. Could it be? No, it couldn't...but what if it was....was that...Odette?

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