Alexis Walters, a teenage girl is having trouble, when it comes to sleeping. But what's causing it?


4. The Wolf Returns

I went to bed, with a mixture of feelings running through my head. One of confusion, over the sight of my fathers grave, dated tomorrow. One of great pain, as the wounds that had been inflicted in my dream, were still lingering in my shriveled body. And one of, sadness and anticipation. What could the gravestone mean? It had to mean something, I decided, best not to tell anyone, they'd probably just say that it was a practical joke of some kind. But there had to be a point to it. That raven led me to the old, dirty gravestone for a reason. A warning. . .

It was dark. I mean pitch-black. I couldn't see a thing. I started to feel around with my hands for a wall, an object, something. After fumbling around for a time, I felt something soft and immediately withdrew my hand from the warm, mat like surface. I leaned forward ever so slightly, to feel a heated breeze drift across my face, not enough to disturb the way my hair lay down the side of my shoulders, but enough for me to twitch and trigger a mexican wave of goose-bumps down my back. Was it what I thought it was?

I stepped forward and replaced my hand on the ever so soft, matted hairs, and moved it gently down the spine of the beast. Suddenly, two yellow eyes appeared directly in front of mine, glistening like shining stars in a dark universe. I felt my heart starting to beat considerably faster than normal so I tried to take long, sustained, deep breath's to calm myself. I felt along the beasts back, up to his perfectly shaped head. I raised my hand off his head, worrying he might try to bite my shaking, quivering hand. Fortunately, there was no such attack. I tried to replace my hand on the beast, but he was not there. I felt around, but he was nowhere to be felt. And his glowing yellow eyes had disappeared.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of me and I instinctively raised my arm to block the glare. Like headlights on a road on a dark night. The light began to get more concentrated and It became impossible for me to see anything. I felt myself fall to the floor, and I realised the surface was rough like tarmac. My eyes were burning from within, and I noticed that I had started bleeding again, but this time, it was from my knees. The blood was trickling down my leg and making a pool on the floor. It was just like my other nightmare, except this one, I felt such pain. I couldn't move. I tried to scream, but my voice failed me. I was left shaking in agonising hurt on the floor, the bright light continually burning into my pupils, even though my eyelids were tightly sealed. Black blood, continually seeping out of my kneecaps.

Then the voice came again. A harsher tone than before, and closer to my ear. "You have a black heart" It echoed in the lit up darkness. I was in too much pain to fully comprehend her words. My heart was beating at a harrowing rate. "You have a black heart" constantly returning to haunt my ears, getting louder and louder. As the noise and pain got to the most traumatising levels, everything halted, and the blood returned to my weak, pathetic body. I closed my eyes, and when they reopened, I was in reality.

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