Alexis Walters, a teenage girl is having trouble, when it comes to sleeping. But what's causing it?


7. The Mysterious Figure

My eyes drifted down towards the front garden, and standing there was a dark figure, wearing a long black coat with a hood raised over their head. With an immediate jerk, the silhouettes head raised so I could see his eyes. Yellow, glistening in the rain. I knew those eyes from somewhere. The wolf's. They stared on at me motionless, just like in the nightmares. A solitary shiver, spread down my bony spine and I almost puked in my mouth. But I was determined. Determined to find out what was going on, this had gone far to far. I didn't believe that what had happened was a coincidence. There was definitely some relevance with what was going on. And I was going to find out what. Wiping the final flow of tears from my eyes, I made my way out of my room and onto the landing. Cautiously I peered down the stairs at the front door and for about thirty seconds, I stood there contemplating my next move. Scared, frightened and afraid, I swung myself round so that I was fully facing the doorway, and gradually began to make my way down the green, carpeted stairway. Constantly looking on at the door handle with obedient, concentrated eyes. I reached the bottom of the stairs, the sound of the t.v still on ringing through my ears, but I ignored it. I reached the door and gently placed my hand on the cold door handle  After applying pressure I let go, allowing the door to swing open and bang against its hinges in the wind.

Standing just where it was before, was the hooded figure, his head facing the ground again. So I could see the cloaked top of his head. As I place my foot onto the path outside the front door, the dark figure's head rose, and his eyes bore into me. His yellow suns, staring at me as I slowly progressed along the concrete path. Soon I was standing with fifteen feet away from him. My heart was not only speeding up, but pounding more vigorously in my chest. My vision began to blur and my head felt dizzy. The man was doing something, something I couldn't control, making me feel faint and loose all over. I was so close now I could hear and almost feel the strangers warm, deep breaths booming out of his mouth. I was about to try and say something, when all of a sudden my legs failed me and I fell to my knees in front of the now towering individual. My head started swiveling on the spot. The dark figure stepped towards me, and watched me as I silently screamed on my front lawn, and before I knew it, darkness overwhelmed me.

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