Alexis Walters, a teenage girl is having trouble, when it comes to sleeping. But what's causing it?


2. The Morning After

I woke up, slightly dazed. I checked my shoulders, touching them lightly with my index finger. No blood, thank god. I turned to my side and looked at my alarm clock. 6am, showed on the little light up screen. One more hour till school, I thought to myself. 'Better get up'. I sat up and using my arms as leverage, pushed myself out of bed and stood on the carpeted floor. All of a sudden, all the feelings I should have been feeling during the nightmare came to me. My shoulders started aching and my legs were so tired I collapsed to the floor. I started crying, and tears trickled down my face. I clasped my shoulders where the blood had been leaking and felt a sharp stinging pain. The pain started to deteriorate and I became less distressed. I thought of the wolf, in the nightmare. It's gaze was so solid, fixated on my body so it would seem. It didn't blink, not once, just stood there, motionless. Every tiny detail was in place, every hair on its back, perfectly parallel to the next. There was so much detail that you could almost imagine yourself touching the beast. Stroking the fur of the wild wolf.

"Alexis, eggs and bacon" My dad shouted up the stairs, interrupting my extensive chain of thought.

"Coming dad" I replied.

This was the first time I had heard a voice since the calling in my dream. "You have a black heart" What was that meant to mean? A reference to the black ink like substance that was spilling out my shoulders? I quickly opened up my computer and Googled, 'Black Heart' It means you have no feeling, love or compassion... I pondered over this for some time, no feeling, well I most certainly didn't have that in the dream, I couldn't feel the blood pouring out of me, and the exhaustion caused by my constant sprint. No love or compassion. What for? A person, an object? 

I finished researching my nightmare, and came to the conclusion, that it was just a dream, it doesn't matter, they don't mean anything. Just fragments of my imagination, that's all. But the horror of this one was beyond anything I had ever experienced. Normally, what I would consider a nightmare, would be things such as loosing your way on a trip to London, and getting lost in the hustle. This for me, was a big deal. And I intended to find out what caused such a dream, whether I had to go through reality, or imagination.

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