Alexis Walters, a teenage girl is having trouble, when it comes to sleeping. But what's causing it?


5. I Watch the News

I made my way downstairs, in my long blue dressing-gown. Calling down to dad as I went. 

"Dad, I'm up, what's for breakfast?" I asked, while tying a neat little bow at the front of my robe. But there was no reply.

I stepped into the kitchen, opened the fridge door and took out a yogurt drink. That was when I suddenly remembered my dream. The wolf, the pain, the voice. It all came back to me like a tidal wave in my brain. "You have a black heart" what could that mean? It was beginning to annoy me, and I was seriously considering seeing a doctor about it. I plodded my way into the lounge, and slumped onto the couch against the far wall. 'Thank God for weekends', I said to myself. "Dad" I shouted out again. Still no reply. I was beginning to get curious, but I knew that sometimes he liked to go out to the shed, and fiddle about with his machines. I picked up the controller and turned the tele on, with the intention of watching the headlines before getting myself up, again.

The weather, politics. All the normal stuff. Until, 'There have been a number of killings around the area of Canterbury.' That's me, my home town. 'A total of three people have been murdered in the last week. Police are looking to see if these events could be linked up in any sort of way, it is said that they may have been committed by the same person. The first body was found in woods, early Saturday morning by two elderly people out for an early stroll. Investigators say that the body shows signs of being repeatedly smashed against a tree. And then stabbed in the stomach.' A picture of the man while he was still alive flashed up on the screen while I was still thinking about the report. 'The second man was murdered in the confines of a high security prison on the outskirts of Canterbury. Some one had broken in and sliced the victims throat with a knife, leaving a pool of blood by the decapitated body for the guards to find the next morning.' A picture of the second man flashed up, and I recognised him, probably from the pages in the newspaper, after all, he was a criminal. 'The third victim was murdered on the road last night. After visiting the local grocery store, a car, running at high speed and clearly aiming right for the pedestrian, rammed the body. ' Then a picture of the third man came up on the screen . . . My father.

I wasn't quite sure how to react. At first I felt, shock, grief, and anger all at the same time. Then I controlled myself, breathing deeply and telling myself that obviously, someone was just playing a prank on me and had put a video into the t.v. I checked the tape player, no video. I began to panic, tears rolling down my face, breathing faster and faster. "Dad" I said. "Dad" I screamed, at the top of my voice. I ran out to the shed, but there was no one there. "DAD" I shouted over and over again, searching every room of the house. I could barely see now, my eyes were completely covered in tears. 

You know when you get that sudden feeling of realisation? Like, when you go upstairs to get something, forget what it is, so go back downstairs, and remember exactly what it was you went upstairs for. Well, that's what I had. But with my dreams. Looking back on all of my dreams I noticed how they linked with each one of the news stories. And that's when I started to feel faint. I jumped at that moment, as there was a knock on the door.

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