Moments (Not one Direction)

OK that's it, I'm goin home and NEVER EVER EVER getting another boyfriend.

What happens when Holly runs into a very nice boy named Liam?

Will she accept another boyfriend or will Liam be sad that he lost his chances with his dream girl?

Find out in this movella and comment what you think.


2. Telling Him

A/N: Sorry this chapter is kinda short but the others wont be as short as this one. This one is just saying what happened. soooo SORRY.

Liam's P.O.V

I really want to ask Holly what happened between her and Jamie but I think she will get really upset so I will wait and tell her when she calmes down.

5 Minutes Later:

Holly has now calmed down so I'll ask her now.

"Hey Holly don't mind me asking but whet happened between you and Jamie?" I asked

"Well" Holly began.. "Today is our 4 month anniversery of us being a couple, and I went to his house to surprise him with a gift, and when I got into his house I heard noises from his room so I went to have a look to see what it was. And when I got into his room I saw him in bed with another girl so I ran out and threw his gift in the alley and started to run homeand I ran into you."

Then  she started crying so I gave her a big big big big hug and she hugged back then my phone rand and I had to pull back.

"Sorry I gotta take this" I said apolagetic.

"It's OK" Holly replied.

In The Kitchen On My Phone.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey buddy you said you were gonna call?" Harry said into the phone from the other line.

"Oh sorry I got distracted and forgot" I said.

"You were supposed to call me when you got home so we could work on writing a song for that competition next month" Harry stated 

"Oh man sorry I got compony at the moment I'll call you back later"

"OK don't forget"

"I won't bye"

"See ya mate"

Then Haz hung up.

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