Moments (Not one Direction)

OK that's it, I'm goin home and NEVER EVER EVER getting another boyfriend.

What happens when Holly runs into a very nice boy named Liam?

Will she accept another boyfriend or will Liam be sad that he lost his chances with his dream girl?

Find out in this movella and comment what you think.


3. Meeting the Boys

"Who was that?" Holly asked as I walked into the lounge room.

"Oh just my friend Harry, you'll meet him when he comes over later" I replied.

Then Holly nodded and pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Holly's P.O.V

I took out my phone so that Liam could put his number in so I could contact him.

"Umm... Liam could I have your number? I said handing him my phone so he could fill out the details.

"Sure" he said taking my phone, when he was done he took out his phone and handedit to me. I took it and filled out my detailes then handed it back to him.

"Umm... Holly I have to call my friend I'll be back in a minute" Liam said. I nodded and Liam walked offinto the kitchen.

Liam's P.O.V

As I walked into the kitchen I clicked on Harry's number.

"Hey Hazz" I said as Harry answered the phone.

"Hey Liam"

"You can come now if you want?"

"Yeah sure see you in a bit, do you want me to bring the others?"

"Yeah ok"


"Bye" I finished then hung up, and walked back into the lounge room then sitting next to Holly.

"Harry and myother friends will be here soon" I told Holly.

"OK" Holly said.

"What's your twitter?" I asked.

"@DaHolly and yours?"

"@Liam_Payne" I replied then we both got out our phones so we could follow

After I followed Holly the door bell rang so I got up to answer it and just as I expected it was Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn.

"Hey guys" I said letting them in.

"Hello and whos this?"Harry asked sitting next to Holly.

"Oh sorry guys this is Holly, Holly this is Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry" I said.

"Well nice to meet you boys" Holly said smiling.

"The pleasure's mine" Harry said kissing Holly's hand. Then a small giggle escaped Holly's lips. And I smiled because she's so beautiful.


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