Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


4. Training, interviews and bad dreams...oh my!!

I looked behind me, then kept running. All of the other 45 girls were chasing us. I was at the front of the group. I heard 3 cannons go off, so I turned around. Only to see the remains of Morgan, Hayley and Georgie. Cassie was in a tree with my bow and arrow. She pulled the arrow back and let it fly into my cheek. I screamed and she laughed. The other girls were gaining on me. Sarah threw a knife into my neck and Matisse stabbed another knife into my stomach this time and I fell over. "Tahlia, Tahlia wake up!!!" They were screaming. Louis appeared and was shaking me. "TAHLIA!!! Wake up!!!" he screamed. I was then pulled from the arena......
"Tahlia are you ok? You were screaming." everyone was in the room.
"Just a dream, don't worry. Go back to bed. I'm sorry for waking you up."
Everyone left the room, except Hayley and Louis.
"Tell us what it really was about" said Hayley.
So I did, the whole dream. It was terrifying. I eventually found out that it was 2 in the morning. I went back to sleep so I wasn't tired for the day ahead.
The next morning I got up, did my morning routine and headed down to training.

When we got to the training centre, we were 10 minutes late. The boys were with us because they were watching everyone train. I was actually carrying Niall over my shoulder because he is light and it is fun seeing him pout and ask for help. Anyway, when we walked in everyone stopped and stared at us. So I sang: "everyone in the room is staring, everyone here but the trainer." everyone glared at me, which was when I raised that I was still carrying Niall. So I dropped him. Cassie hid behind Harry. Awwww! I walked over in the direction of the knife throwing with Hayley and I saw Cassie go over to the sprinting. Any wonder, she was on the reserve Olympic team.
When I got to the knife throwing a bleach blonde girl with her face caked with makeup strode over to me. "keep your filthy, paws off my man!" I pretended to not hear her and Hayley came up with a smart comment " OMFG! You look just like this Barbie doll I had once! Yeah I had buy her boyfriend, but in the end I realized that the only things Barbie dolls are good for is having their heads ripped off!" I heard Niall pissing himself along with the rest of the boys. Niall strode over to Hayley and they did a really complicated handshake, which ended with a backflip. " Barbie, I forgot to ask," I said "How is Ken Back home." she frowned. Cassie then said " She might turn into a blonde haired plastic hulk if we keep this up!"
We finished training, then headed back up to our rooms to get ready for our gradings. Hayley was up first for Australia, then it was Georgie , Cassie, Morgan and then me.
When I was up I wasn't really nervous. I walked in and caught Louis' eye. He nudged Harry, and he stuck his tongue out, which Niall grabbed. "Tahlia Kay, Australia." they all looked at me. I grabbed a bow and arrow and stood 5 steps behind the line. The boys chuckled. I pulled back, but when I let go my hand was shaking, and it landed a cm of centre. "Shit!" I whispered. The game maker and the sponsors laughed and continued with their conversation. I did it again, this time hitting the centre. I turned around and only the boys were looking at me. The game maker and sponsors were looking at a plate of some strips of bacon. *Light Bulb!!* I grabbed 5 arrows and pulled back with one of them in the bow. When someone held up a piece of bacon I shot it. I did that to five pieces of bacon before the game maker and his buddies looked at me shocked. "Thank you for your consideration." I said like Katniss and walked off. When I entered the room the boys ran out and congratulated me, while the girls and our mentor stood there wondering what was happening. I told them and I ended getting yelled at by Jennifer and Chais, our mentor. "That was an eventful day wasn't it?" I said. "We should form an alliance." said Cassie. "thats an awesome idea. There is five of us so we could all survive"said Morgan. "GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!" we all shouted. Hayley and I ran to our shared room and fought for the double bed. Of which I won. I changed and fell into a dreamless slumber.

The next morning was rushed. We basically got jumped on by Louis, telling us that we had to see the results of the testing. I don't really care. When I saw the t.v they were introducing the girls from England. They had done Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, America, Japan, China and Germany. The first girl from England got a 9/12. The second, third and fourth got an 8. The last girl got an 11. Now for us. Hayley got an 11. Georgie a 10. Cassie a 10. Morgan an 11. Now for me.
"Tahlia Kay:12" said the announcer. I sat there in shock as everyone was congratulating me. I then snapped out of it and ran to my room. I was now the most desired to kill... If no one else got a 12 that is. I just lay there for who knows how long. Cassie then came in.
"Are you ok Tahlia?"
"Did anyone else get a 12?"
"Nope... Just you!" Cassie said with fake enthusiasm.
"Oh shit! I'm gonna be the first one on everyone's death list. Goodbye world!"
"why don't you have a rest until we have to get ready.... Good night Tahls!!"
"Good night Cassie."

*some hours later*

Pulling and tugging. Waxing and washing. Holding in screams. That's beauty for you. I have just been through prep for the interviews *cough* HELL *cough* and now I'm standing in my dress which is blue and it goes down to my ankles. My hair is down and straightened. My nails have a very intricate design on them, it looks like water droplets and leaves actually. I actually like my new look.
Hayley is walking out to her interview right now I watch as she sits down with Eliza Portman, the interviewer as you probably guessed. I continue to watch them.
"So Hayley, how do you find England?"
"Well it depends whether you're talking about the meat or the weather."
"What do you mean meat?"
"Well, let's just say that the guys are pretty hot."
"Good to hear! What are you most excited about with the games?"
"Well I like kicking butt. So maybe when I get to kick people's sorry asses."
Eliza laughed. "Are you excited about meeting the boys?"
"I just wanna say that that is the most hilarious question ever. I've already met them, but if I hadn't of met them, then yes I would be bouncing off the walls."
The audience laughed and then the buzzer sounded. Her time was up and mine was about to begin. My stylist, Emma, ran up to me and told me to twirl when she clicks twice. Ok then.....
"Please welcome the lovely Tahlia Kay!!!" the audience clapped and some whistled. I walked onto the stage, my nervousness disappearing immediately.
"Hello Tahlia, I must say you are looking absolutely gorgeous!"
"Thank you! You do as well" I saw Emma click her fingers, "May I do a twirl?"
"Of course, go ahead!" I stood up and started twirling. Water droplets and leaves were twirling around. The smell of pine filled the air and you could hear the rustling of the trees and the water splashing onto the ground. When I eventually stopped twirling everyone looked amazed.
"And I thought I had seen every dress that had been made. You could actually hear the rustling of the trees. Now, moving on. What do you think of London so far?"
"It's absolutely amazing! I love the atmosphere and the people, they're so nice."
"That's good to hear! I heard that you go hunting in the woods behind your house and that you love water. Can you tell us about that?"
"I love the atmosphere in the woods because the wildlife is everywhere and you just feel free. Water is a big part of my life because of my mother. She is a marine biologist. My dad was a marine biologist too. He also hunted, with a bow and arrow. I can handle a bow, but I can't really hit close to the middle of a target." I started to tear up, " My dad used to sing me to sleep as a child and when we were in the woods together he would sing and all of the wildlife would stop to listen. It was a truly magical experience. He died in a shark attack when I was 13. I now live with my cousin, Jennifer Lawrence. She played Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. Everyone says we look like twins, but I have brown hair."
"That is very heart breaking about your father, but fascinating about your cousin. She is here right now isn't she?" I nodded. "Everyone give it up for Miss Kay!!!"
When I walked off the stage I ran into Louis and Harry.
"Good job love! Now it's Cassie's turn" said Louis. We turned and watched Cassie stride on in a beautiful cream dress that reached just above her knees. They sat down and began to talk about London and the arena. Georgie came and stood next to me and we watched her interview together.
When her time was up Cassie ran over to us and squealed " I hate these shoes!!" she ripped off the huge stilettos and threw them behind the curtain. "Much better! I can now walk properly and not get blisters!" she ran off to find Morgan. Georgie and I looked at each other, then burst our laughing. That seemed so un-Cassie like. Who goes and throws shoes in a curtain? I now have my answer.
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