Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


1. The magazine

"Run Morgan! Run! They'll catch you!" I shouted from the roof of my house. Me and my friends Hayley, Morgan, Georgie and Cassie are your average teenage girls. We just pranked a fellow enemy of ours, Amelia and her followers. We died their hair red and painted their finger nails black. "Hey Amelia! At least you and your plastics look like devils now!" I laughed. Morgan had just climbed up onto the roof. "She just ran a kilometer and still isn't dead yet... god!" Hayley half yelled.
Amelia squealed in frustration. "Get your arses down here right now!" I laughed and climbed around the roof into my room. I grabbed my fathers bow and arrow, then resumed my spot on the roof. Hayley was taunting her by sticking her tongue out. Very mature huh?
I grabbed an arrow and aimed just above Amelia's head, where her bun is. I shot it and it went through her red bun. She screamed and yelled "DADDY!!!!!" And ran away. Her minions followed. "And that's..." I said while jumping down from the roof. "... How you get rid of bitches" I said while landing. "Thank you, thank you very much!" I said while bowing. My friends laughed. We are so stupid sometimes. "TIME FOR FOOOOOOD!!!!" I yelled. They all jumped off the roof and were about to run inside when we saw a sparkle on the ground 200 meters away. Cassie went to go get it, since she's on the reserve Olympic team... I think. When she came back we saw it was a magazine. "Cool! A magazine!" I said with sarcasm dripping from my words.
"No it has a special article in it on page 31, and its about one direction!!!" She squealed. "One who???"
They all looked at me. Shock written all over their faces. "WHAT!?!?" They all screamed at once. They dragged me inside and pushed me down onto the couch. Then the shouting started. All I caught was Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.
"SHUT UP!!!!" I screamed.
"Any wonder you don't know them, your always outside in the woods behind your house."
That is I fact true. My father died when I was 12 and I have carried on his hobby, archery. I have always loved my bow and arrows. They are my prize possession, as well as my iPhone and microphone. Every night I go in the woods and shoot some birds or some rabbits for fun.
"lecture me then" "well one direction were formed on x factor in the UK..........." they went on and on about them and by the end of the 3 hour lecture I started to like them. I love their voices and their personalities.
"Now can we get food?" I whined. They all nodded. Hayley and I sprinted to the door, eager to get to star bucks. When we were there I saw a group of 50 girls at the entrance. "MOVE IT!!! I WANT A HOT CHOCOLATE AND A COOKIE!!!" I shouted. I pushed my way through the girls and saw one direction sitting at a table near the entrance, but inside. The girls were pressing up against the glass. I headed for the entrance. "I WANT A HOT CHOCOLATE AND A COOOOOKIE!!!!!!" I yelled. The girls stopped screaming and looked at me with an annoyed expression. "What? Me and my girls came here for a hot chocolate and some cookies. That's what you're all here for right?" They all shook their heads. "Well..... GET AHOLD OF YOUR SELVES. IF YOU'RE NOT HERE FOR COOKIES THEN GET OUTTA HERE!!!" Almost the whole group left. Only 3 girls remained. They looked nice. "IF YOU'RE HERE TO GET COOKIES THEN COME WITH ME." Guess what I did next. I ran into the locked door. "Owwww!!" I yelled. "I think that hurt." I said. I heard an laugh from inside. It was from a guy with blonde hair who was with 4 other guys. It is one direction.
I knocked on the door and pressed my face onto it. I'm real mature aren't I? The manager came and unlocked it for us. I sprinted up to the counter and yelled my order at the cashier. He winked at me. I leant in and he did too. I then flicked him in the face with my hair and walked off. "If you gals want something, then go order it. I'm not the chief orderer ya know. I'm only friends with you guys cuz you get me Cookies!!!" I said. They laughed and rolled their eyes. Hayley and Cassie came back from ordering and we sat down looking at the suspicious looking magazine. "Here is page 31" said Cassie flipping to the page.
The fan girl games is a competition in 50 girls will fight to the death for the chance to marry one of the boys and get to know the rest of them personally. Only 5 will come out alive. In 7 days the reaping will be held in the town square. If you would like to compete please fill out the form. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

"It has the sign up sheet bellow the add. What type of joke is this? I bet they didn't even approve it." I said angrily
"What do you think this means?" Hayley said as I threw it to Cassie.
"Dunno, there just happens to be 5 sign up sheets in it. Should we sign up? To see what happens?"
"I say we do," I said stretching my hand out into the middle of the table " and hope that the odds are in our favor." finished Cassie. Everyone put their hand in the middle of the table except Morgan. "I don't think it's a good idea. We could get killed."
I think for a moment. "I can shoot with a bow and arrow and Hayley is good with knives. Cassie is the smart one of the group and is good at coming up with ideas. Georgie is good at setting traps and tying knots. We all can climb trees. You can handle a knife too. C'mon let's do this poo!" I once again put my hand in the middle and this time there were 5. "Let's sign up and send these off!"

Louis P.O.V
"Let's sign up and send these off!" I heard the girl Tahlia say.
"She's entering the Fan girl games!" I whisper shouted. Their eyes widened. "Why is it even happening anyway?" Niall asked. "Cuz it's really stupid." We all nodded in agreement.

*2 days later*
Tahlia's P.O.V
I walked up to my assigned place in the crowd. Nervousness clear in my voice. "Good luck girls!" They all nodded as a women who looked like Effie trinket stepped up to the stage. I laughed and shouted "isn't a little bit too far?" She looked up and searched the crowd for me. "I don't know who said that, but it isn't too far at all. Welcome to the reaping of the 1st ever Fangirl games." She awaited applause but none came. She continued "we have some very special guests who are drawing the names of the five lucky girls who'll be competing in a week or so. Please put your hands together for One Direction. We clapped them onto the stage and they shuffled next to a bowl filled with thousands of names of Australian girls waiting to have their name picked. I saw a 9 year old girl standing in the crowd shaking with fear. Don't tell me someone pressured her to put her name in. I walked up to her as they started calling out the names.
"The first competitor is Cassie Winters. Congrats! Please come up to the stage!" I turned around quicker than you could say my last name ,Key, and ran to give her a hug. "Don't die on us. Please!" I whispered. She nodded and walked up to the stage. I continued ran back to the 9 year old and saw her crying. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked up at me and said "my older sister put me in here because she doesn't like me." I gave her a hug and saw Georgie walking up to the stage. I dragged the girl back to where Hayley, Morgan and I are standing.
"Next is Morgan EmVee!" I gave her a hug. "Don't die on me. You have to make it out." She walked up to the stage. "Hayley Wood please make her way up to the stage." I gasped. No... she cant! I ran to her and hugged her. "you definatly cant die on me. Your all I have." she nodded and walked up to the stage. I saw a tear run down her cheek as she and the girls held hands. "Lastly Alana boot." The 9 year old girl started walking to the stage. I really wanted to pull a Katniss. Should I? "Alana! Alana! WAIT!!! I volunteer. I volunteer in place of Alana as tribute" I screamed just before the girl got to the steps. Everyone turned to look at me. I breathed in and said it more clearly again. "I volunteer in place of Alana as tribute." She was let down from the stage. She ran to hug me. "Please don't die Tahlia. You are a good person. Please come back for me." I nodded and walked up to the stage. Maybe pulling a Katniss wasn't such a good idea after all.
When I got to the stage the Effie trinket look alike pulled me to the mic. "What's your name dear?" "Tahlia, Tahlia Key." I said in a flat tone. All of 1D gave me a worried expression. "Is she a cousin or a distant relative?" "No. I have never met her before this. She is too young to possibly die. She is 9 years old. Her sister forced her to enter." I said simply. 'Effie' nodded and said "ladies and gentlemen your tributes for the first ever fan girl games!!" Everyone clapped. Maybe they were happy to see us go. We were walked out the back and 'Effie' said "you may go home and have a day off school today and tomorrow. You'll be called to your school office on Monday to be picked up and taken home. Then you'll spend a night there and go to the city of London the next day. Any questions?" We shook our heads. "Now, go home! You need your beauty rest." We walked away. Was this real? Is this just a bad dream? What happened to being 5 not so innocent girls with a passion for singing? Well that's just been thrown out the window.
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