Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add: DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE IN THE 1D FANGIRL GAMES? SIGN UP NOW IN THE ADD BELOW!!!! Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


18. The end of spitfire

Cassie's P.O.V
As soon as I got back from my date with Harry I went and saw the girls, well one girl. Morgan was just sitting on my bed with her iPad. Though Georgie wasn't there. "Hi Morgan! Where's Georgie?" She looked at me said hi and then kept on playing on her iPad. Tahlia walked in and flopped on her bed, in a daze. Morgan did a double take and jumped up on her bed and started screaming things like "how were your dates?" "Tell me everything" "are you couples now?"
"SHUT UP MORGAN!" I yelled. She stopped jumping up and down and flopped onto the bed. "Tell me EVERYTHING!" She pleaded. So I did and her mouth was stuck open. I tried pushing her jaw up, but it was stuck there. Eventually she closed her mouth and said "That's where the boys disappeared to...." I laughed. I looked over at Tahlia and she was still in a daze. Ha ha ha! Harry came in and told us that they were going out to get a surprise. I agreed and kissed him. He left the room and I turned around. Tahlia was sitting up telling Morgan about the date.
"Over here Georgie." "Are you with any of the boys Georgie?" "How was the games for you georgie?" "Over here!"
I heard all of those comments and more outside. Uh oh! I turned back to Tahlia's story and she was explaining the Ferris wheel. I listened in, but I couldn't help but hear the comments coming from outside. " How is Tahlia, Georgie?" "Are you single Georgie?" I hope morgan doesn't hear those. She always warns us about the paps ever since she was mobbed and knocked over, hitting her head and blacking out. Mummy Spitfire right there.

Tahlia finished telling Morgan and I her story. "Aww!! That's so..." I was about to finish when I heard Georgie's voice saying. "I have to go now. You paparazzi have been really nice." That was when Morgan burst. She jumped off the bed and stormed out to the living room. I heard her stomping around the room. Tahlia and I shared a look and ran out of the room, in time to see Georgie waltz into the room. Morgan looked pissed.
Georgie looked puzzled. "What did I do?"
"WHERES PROBLEM IN THAT?" She stepped closer to Morgan, who by now could've had steam coming out her ears.
"When we got back, I opened the door to yelling. "YOU DON'T JUST GO AND PRANCE AROUND IN FRONT OF PAPS GEORGIE!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!" Screamed Morgan.
There was silence and then Georgie stepped closer to Morgan and yelled "WELL, ACTUALLY I DON'T!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE! STOP BOSSING US AROUND. ACTUALLY, GET OUT!!! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!"
Georgie slapped Morgan and she staggered backwards and eventually fell into my arms. I set her down, whispered "it'll be ok, ok?" She nodded. I stepped around her and went straight up to Georgie and poked her in the stomach while whispering "you know better Georgie. Morgan is mortified of the paps..." I stopped whispering "JUST STOP!" "Guys, stop it!" Tahlia squealed. She then fell onto her knees and started bawling and muttering "I always knew. I alway knew this would happen. My worst night mare has been brought to life."
I stepped away from Georgie and looked up at the door. Hayley and Niall were standing there with angry and worried looks on their faces. "What happened?" They both questioned. We said nothing. I was looking over at Georgie because she was one who Hirt Morgan and started the fight.
"I said WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" I jumped. Hayley NEVER got this mad.... EVER.
Tahlia and Morgan were given hugs. Niall pulled out his phone and started texting, probably to the boys.
After 5 minutes Georgie started talking " i was outside giving the paps something to look at...." She was cut off "why?" Georgie gulped. "I was bored??"
Oh no she didn't! She doesn't have the right to go out to the paps, tell them info and then storm back in and slap one of my friends.
"Georgie, please go into your room and stay there until I tell you to come out. NOW!" Georgie scurried to her room. The boys crashed through the door seconds later with Sarah not on their heels. She looks way healthier.
"What..... Happened....." Breathed Louis. He cut himself short when he saw Tahlia on the ground crying.
Liam was taking the surroundings. He then walked over to Morgan. He was whispering to her. I barely heard what he was saying " it's ok Morgan. The paps are truly horrible. I know. She shouldn't have done that. Lets go to your room and tuck you into you bed so you can sleep." She nodded and continued crying. They hugged and he picked her up bridal style.

"I'm taking her to her room." Liam advised. He walked off with Morgan. Louis followed his lead and carried Tahlia to her room. Harry, hayley, Sarah, Niall, Zayn and I were left in the room.
Harry whispered "What happened? You're all shaken up." I started explaining what happened. I got to the part where Georgie slapped Morgan and I heard a thump.
Hayley was on the floor having a crying fit. Niall rushed over to her and started talking to her. Zayn and Sarah left the room. Harry and I sat on the couch and I continued explaining what happened.
"I hate the paps. Now your not spitfire anymore. What are you gonna do now?"
I thought for a moment. "I might still sing, but be a solo artist. I've written a few songs like this one" I handed him a sheet of paper. "It's called Skyscraper"
(A/N: Cassie sings only Demi Lovato songs and she looks like her too. Hayley looks like Cher Lloyd and sings her songs. Morgan looks like Carly Rae Jepsen and sings her songs. Georgie looks like Selena Gomez and sings her songs.Tahlia looks like Katniss Everdeen and sings Taylor Swifts songs. On with the story.....)
"Can you sing for me?" I nodded and began to sing the first verse and chorus,
"Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching tear drops in my hands
Only silence as it's ending
Like we never had a chance
Do you have to make me feel like
There's nothing left of me?

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper"
Harry gave me a hug and said "That was amazing Cass. When did you write that?" I shrugged and said "Quite surprisingly during the games. I was on watch one night and I wrote this song" I once again shrugged "but yeah, I was just letting my feelings out." Harry nodded. I then fell into a deep sleep.

Morgan's P.O.V
Liam carried me into my room and set me down on the bed. I was still bawling my eyes out. "Shhhhh. Morgan, It's ok. You'll be fine. Shhhhh." Said Liam trying to calm me down. Eventually after an hour of Liam talking to me and trying to calm me down, 3 ice packs and 4 kisses on my red cheek, I had calmed down. " Liam can I show you something?" I asked. He nodded and I got up from my bed and grabbed my song book. I flipped to my favorite song and placed the book in front of Liam. He read over the title and laughed "Call Me Maybe??" I nodded and he kept reading. "What's the beat?" I started clapping and Liam joined in. That was when I started singing
"I threw a wish in the well,
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell,
And now you're in my way

I'd trade my soul for a wish,
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this,
But now you're in my way

Your stare was holdin',
Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going, baby?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe?

It's hard to look right,
At you baby,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here's my number,
So call me,maybe?"

Liam clapped and smiled at me. "That was really go...." He was cut off by my phone ringing. I picked it up and said "Hello, Morgan speaking."
"Hello Morgan, it's Eliza. I'm the interviewer from the games." My eyes went wide and I continued listening.
"We still have to do the last interviews and present the awards for the games. So you girls all have to come in to the studio at 10 o'clock next week for the interviews and prizes." I nodded, then realized she couldn't see me so I said ok and goodbye. When I hung up I burst into tears again. Liam looked puzzled until I said the 9 devastating words." The fan girl games producer wants to have interviews." I then put my head in my pillow and screamed into it. When I finished I ran out of the room and into Hayley's arms. I told her and she turned pale and we ran to Tahlia, then Cassie and lastly......Georgie. Tahlia walked in first and closed the door. We waited 5 minutes and then she came out with a smile on her face. What is up with that chick???

We all came into a huddle, excluding Georgie because she was in her room.
At the same time we all said "let's finish Spitfire... I wanna become a solo artist and its not working." We all laughed and Tahlia said " we can all still be friends, but maybe not as a singing group. I'm sure you've all written you own songs... I have too. I just think that we'll be more successful as solo artists." I nodded in agreement. I put my hand in the middle of us and I was joined by 4 others.... Cassie, Tahlia, Hayley and.....Georgie, and said "From this day forward Spitfire is no longer"
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