Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


3. Showing off to the sponsors

*the next day*
When I woke up I felt like I had been given a shot of energy. I was about to jump off the couch when I felt arms around me. I looked at the person holding me and realized it was Louis. I blushed, then kissed his cheek. I then tried to get his arms to remove themselves from around me but he just said "No, mine." and held onto me tighter. I had to take things to another level, so I got my hand out and lightly slapped him on the cheek and shook his shoulders. He didn't budge. I heard laughter from behind me.
"Harry, Help!" He continued laughing, but came and helped me. I gave him a huge hug and ran downstairs to make breaky, but found it already made and set on the table. "JEN! YOU KNOW I LIKE MAKING BREAKY! WHY DID YOU MAKE IT?" I waited a minute and got a reply from behind me, which made me jump. "because I just happen to like cooking too" she said. "ok....."
I sat down to eat,putting a huge pile of food on my plate, then Niall came in and took one of my bacon strips. He did not just go there. I jumped out of my seat and tackled him to the ground, in the process the bacon flying up in the air and landing back on my plate. Score!
"Nobody....Takes....Food....Off of....My....PLATE!!!!" I said in between us rolling around on the floor. Hayley came in and sat at the table, as if we weren't there rolling around on the floor. I heard people laughing from the staircase and immediately stood up and sat down in my seat, eating my food and leaving Niall on the ground, shocked and wide eyed.
When they came in the room, they stopped laughing and looked at the scene unfolding. I stopped my laughs from escaping and continued eating. "What happened in here?" asked Morgan and Liam at the same time. "Awww! Daddy Direction and Mummy Spitfire are in love!!!!" I shouted. Louis, Niall and Harry burst out laughing while Morgan and Liam blushed. Lol!!
"Niall, why are you on the floor? What happened?" Hayley asked. Niall stood up and I ran out of the room. This won't end well. I got dressed and grabbed my bow and arrows. I need some target practice.
When I walked downstairs I saw Hayley trying to stop herself laughing, resulting in her face turning purple, and the rest of the girls laughing freely. The boys, except for Liam, were already laughing and rolling around on the floor. He he....
Morgan spoke up first, " Tahlia Delilah Kay, why did you tackle poor Niall to the ground for one strip of bacon?" she held a piece up in her fingers. "oh look at that it's a flying octopus!" I said pointing to the t.v. Morgan looked away and I aimed my Bow. Twang! The arrow flew into the bacon and stuck to the wall with the arrow. "Yes!" I shouted. Morgan looked pissed and ready to kill me. While Hayley had burst and was laughing her ass off at my recent stunt and at Niall. I ran to get dressed into nice clothes and left my bow and set of arrows in Jake's possession.
"Time to go!" said Liam. We piled into the car and prepared for boring ride to the town square.
During the ride we had to go past a couple of fields.I pulled my crazy card and shouted "COW!!" everyone except Louis, who was driving very slowly, stared at me. I shouted it again except saying " ANOTHER COW, WAIT THAT WAS THE SAME COW!!!" everyone started laughing, drawing the awkwardness and sadness away from the atmosphere. 2 points to Tahlia.

*a boring car, plane and train ride later*

"We are here!!" shouted Hayley and I at the same time. We ran out of the train only to run back in again. "Par-Par-Ra-Tzi" we sang like Lady Ga Ga. I found myself being carried over Louis' shoulder. "Don't Fart!!!!" Hayley and I said at the same time. Hayley was being carried by Niall. Someone has a crush.
When we got to our rooms we were immediately dragged out to the beauty salon for some 'pampering'. Oh the joy! The 'pampering' took a little over 2 hours. When we were finished our stylist Emma came over to us.
"Hello girls! As you may know, from the Hunger Games, that we are sending you girls out on chariots so the sponsors can get a good look at you for the first time. Since you're from Australia I was thinking bush fires and floods. With fire for the fire, Leaves for the burnt trees and water as a symbol of the floods. Don't tell anyone but your costume is a little like Katniss', but with water also. Your hair will be curled and put up into a high ponytail. Any questions?" I put my hand up. "Yes Tahls?"
"when exactly do we start getting ready?" she responded immediately, "Right now!"
After a lot of torture we were finally ready. Our costumes looked like Katniss', but there supposed to be leaves and water droplets twirling around us.
We came out to the chariots. Each one could hold up to 3, so one chariot had 2 and the other 3. I was with Hayley and Morgan. Just before we left, Emma came with the water, fire and leaves. She put the fire on first, which tickled. The water on next, which cooled us. Then the leaves on last, some of which burnt a little,as it was part of the effect.
When the horses started trotting down the long street everyone oohed at our costume. Thanks Emma! We all held hands and lifted them up, with the fire, water and leaves twirling around us. Someone threw 2 roses at me, of which I caught easily from playing basketball over the years.
When I saw the other girls and their costumes, I laughed. Most of The costumes looked pretty. Ireland was dressed in shamrocks which glittered, Italy was dressed as the leaning tower of Piza. Germany was dressed as their flag with sparkles and lots of jewelry. Canada was wearing a dress with glittery maple leaves all over it. New Zealand were dressed as characters from lord of the rings, which I thought was pretty cool. America was dressed as Disney Characters. Japan were dressed as samurai,which i thought was very creative. China was dressed as a Chinese dragon, which I loved. England were dressed as One direction which I thought was funny. A blonde haired girl caught my eye from England. She had a cochlea implant in her ear. 'She must be deaf' I thought. So I signed hello and my name to her and we had an awesome conversation.
I met up with her after the chariot ride. "Hi I'm Tahlia Kay. What's your name?" "Oh I already know you. You wrote Eyes Open for the Hunger Games, didn't you?Spitfire is all over the Internet. Anyway I'm Sarah, Sarah Fly, and this is Matisse Mitch." Matisse waved. She must be shy. "Do you guys want to come with me to my apartment room thingy? We could get to know each other better." "Sure" they both responded.
When we got back to our apartment, the boys were there. "VAS HAPENIN!!" Zayn and I shouted at the same time. Grrrrrr!
"Guys....Guys....GUYS!!!!!" I shouted. They turned to look at me. "This is Sarah Fly and Matisse Mitch. They're gonna hang out with us tonight." All the boys came over and introduced themselves. They got along really well. I realized when I had hugged Harry that I was still in my costume. 1 because he said ouch and 2 because there was now holes in his shirt where the fire had touched him....Whoops!
When the girls came our of the bathroom they immediately said hello and dragged me off to change.
When I got back Sarah and Matisse were gone. Oh well. I ran into mine and Hayley's room and she was already in the double bed. Grrrrr! I hopped in the single bed and fell asleep.
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