Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


5. Personal training and a gift

I ran into the training centre and realized that I was 1 minute late. Shoot! I casually walked over to the rock climbing and put my gear on. Before I knew it I was at the top and the buzzer was pressed. My time read 1.01mins for 10 meters. I leant back and dropped down to the ground. After 3 goes I had it down to 0.50mins flat!
I ran over to the camouflage section and made myself look like a rock face. Nice! I heard the elevator door ding and Morgan came out of it. I quickly wiped off the camouflage and made myself the color of the wall. Morgan said hello and copied me. We heard the elevator open again and Hayley came out this time. Perfect!! We ran over to a wall near where she said she would practice and hid. She came and stood at the table which was directly in front of us. "1,2,3" I whispered to Morgan. We jumped out and screamed BOO!!! She screamed and ran away while shouting things like: SHIT, I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE and YOU FEMALE DOGS!!!! It was hilarious. When we finished laughing we were hiccuping.
I cleaned myself off then went to the archery. I shot 3 arrows at the standing targets, 3 at the dummy standing targets and then 6 at the moving targets. They all hit the centre!
I moved on to the knife throwing, then the sprinting, the climbing and then the food section. When I got there I was asked to figure out the poisoned berry between 2 berries that looked similar. I cut them both open and pointed at the one with the red centre. "That one is poisonous and that one is a blue berry." she nodded her head then gave me a book to study for 10 minutes. I hate reading, but I guess I'll need it.

An hour later I was ushered out of the training room and back into my own. No more training until the actual games. Poo! I walked outside to the rooftop and sat down. Louis then appeared out of no where. "Shit! Lou! You scared me! I almost had a heart attack!" He laughed, "Well if you had had a heart attack, I wouldn't have been able to do this." He pressed his lips to mine. My arms instinctively went around his neck and pulled him closer. I felt bombs and fireworks. The kiss was magical. It suddenly started raining. He stopped kissing me and we started to dance. In the rain. He leant down and kissed me again. I can now officially cross tow things off my bucket list! Louis stopped kissing me and said "As much as I love kissing you out here I don't want you to have a cold. Let's get inside." he dragged me inside and pushed me into my room, demanding... Not asking... Demanding that I have a warm shower or bath. I nodded and went to go have a shower. After a 20 minute shower I stepped out and put on my hello kitty pj's. It's a little, cute and adorable cartoon kitty... Why shouldn't I love it?
As soon as I stepped outside my room I was dragged into a cupboard. The light flickered on and Louis was standing there with a box.
" I want you to have this pin. I heard Jake call you Kat and I wanted to give you something so....." he trailed off when he opened up the lid. In it was a mocking jay pin, but it was just like Katniss'.
"Wow Lou! It's beautiful, but I couldn't accept it. It looks way to..." I trailed off also when he put it in my hand and closed my fingers over it. I looked up at him then we leaned in and kissed. I pulled away after a minute because Hayley could've been getting suspicious. That dirty minded girl. We opened the cupboard and found the whole crew fall to our feet. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Hayley, Georgie,Morgan and Cassie all said sorry extremely quickly and tried running away, only being stopped by us.
"C'mon Tahls... You know you love me." Hayley said hopefully. I smiled at her then said sweetly "C'mon Hayley.... You know you love Niallator." and walked away.
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