Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


13. Mischief in the hospital

Tahlia's P.O.V
Do you know how boring sitting in a hospital bed is? Well I'm just watching t.v, which I never normally do. Help!!! Save me from my boredom!!!
The door suddenly burst open and Morgan, Georgie and Cassie came in. " let's go and create some trouble. Tahlia get out of that death bed and get dressed. Let's go go go!!!!" said Morgan.I jumped out of bed and got dressed in my favorite clothes, short shorts and a tiger t-shirt, and ran out of the room.
We ran around, knocking things over, Seducing guys and tripping nurses over. Lol! I knocked over a lamp and I heard it shatter, so I ran away, only to bump into a wall. I looked up and saw Zayn. He said hi and then his phone went off "Hey! I know that your probably preoccupied with day dreaming about Georgie as your girl friend, but seriously... PICK UP YOUR F****** PHONE!"
I fell on the ground laughing and Zayn blushed beet red. Georgie came up and started to flirt with him. He was stuttering. She put her hands on Zayn's waist and slowly moved them down, down, down until they were around his but. She whispered in his ear and his eyes went wide and covered his pants. He ran away as fast as lightning bolt, towards the men's toilets.
Louis came up to us and asked what was wrong with him. "I'll show you." I said seductively. I walked up to him and pressed myself really close to him. I kissed him on the lips and then whispered in his ear. His eyes went wide and I pulled him close, kissing him again.
When I let him go he walked away in a daze towards the men's toilets, not covering his pants up. Cassie laughed "Louis, could you at least try and hide the fact that your turned on by her?" He didn't reply. Instead he gave her the finger and walked into the toilets.
"That's a lovely finger isn't it?" said Morgan.

Hayleys P.O.V
*when she's unconscious *
I was in a meadow. With lots of flowers and trees on the border. I looked around a little more and found Sarah, sitting down in the long grass. I went up to her and was about to speak when she said " Hello Hayley. You have to go back." What??
"Right now your in the middle of life and death. I am too, but I haven't woken up. I'm in a hospital bed in room 211. Anyway, choose life. Imagine looking down on everyone you love every day and seeing them bawling their eyes out. Not a good feeling, though I've heard." She turned around, her blonde hair flying in many directions. Please go back, for Jennifer, for Tahlia.... For Niall."
"ok, I will."
"in order to get back you have to go through a flash back of a bad time in your life. I wish you luck, good bye Hayley."
"Wait!! What room are you in and how are you here too?"
"Room 211 and I was brought back to life then I came here. NOW GO!"
"Bye Sarah. I love you and I'll miss you"
She slowly faded away.
And the horror came up.
*We were in school and were talking about the plastics, 3 bitches who were very much up themselves. We think at least every high school has some plastics. We walked in the school gates and the plastics came up to us "Did you know that we are going for the fan girl games." Yep, that was the day after we sent the forms in and some how they learnt about the games. Maybe they found a sign up sheet and copied it, but each sheet has a different barcode, so it wouldn't work. Anyway, "I'm looking forward to meeting MY Harry." said the head bitch, Molly. Brittany and Emily are like her side kicks or servants. What ever you want to call them. I saw myself becoming even more furious by the second.
"Niall is so ugly," began Emily, " He shouldn't even be in 1D because his voice is so disgusting, and he shouldn't have been born" finished Emily. I saw that I almost had steam coming out of my ears. "I HATE him" said Emily. I saw that I had had enough and lunged at her, punching her multiple time in the face.
What she was saying is killing me. I'm probably crying in real life. " That's not true Molly, Niall did deserve to be here, he isn't ugly, I love him" I said in between punches. She just laughed. My friends finally pulled me off. I growled at her and then walked away, pulling a knife out of my pocket. When I was 3 meters away, I threw it behind my head. At the time I didn't see where it landed, but it landed right in between her legs. I saw myself run off, towards my thinking place, the fountain. It's behind a secret door that we found by leaning against it. The fountain is in a courtyard, which has a calm feel to it. I saw Tahlia grab Emily by her 'cool' tie and yelled in her face "Never touch me or my friends again... OKAY??". Emily looked scared and started to cry. Tahlia ran off to find me and Morgan picked up my knife. I saw I was crying and Tahlia was comforting me. " It's ok Hayley. I know your in love with someone you barely know, but you can't help it. When you met him that time in Queensland it probably was fate."
"but I'll never see him again.... Ever."
"if it was meant to be, you'll see him."
I saw the girls run in and comfort me. The bell rang and I went off to class. In class I met up with my friends Mikayla and Phoebe. They asked why I was crying and then the plastics walked in and passed me. I growled at them and they squealed. Suddenly Emily slapped me, so I said "I'm so so so sorry that I stuffed up your face, too bad caking your face with makeup won't fix it. Its also too bad that your pores will just fill up from the makeup and you'll get millions of pimples."
She scoffed and said "well at least I'm not covering my self up."
"well at least I won't get skin cancer."
"I don't smoke though?"
"whatever bitch, just leave me alone."

Next, the vision changed to the car crash. A drunk driver rammed into my sisters side of the car and we rolled and rolled and rolled. My sisters side hit a brick wall. We then smashed head on into a building. It was then I blacked out.*

I awoke in the hospital, to someone kissing my head. My Heart rate monitor began to make the constant beep. I hadn't opened my eyes though. I heard shuffling beside me.
"Open your eyes, Hayley" I heard an Irish voice say. I slowly opened the to see Niall looking over me. I pulled his face closer to mine and we shared a long passionate kiss. Luckily Tahlia didn't shout out about a flying octopus. I felt fireworks... No, nuclear bombs. When I pulled away I said "I love you" and fell asleep.
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