Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


16. Loving someone makes us do things we normally wouldn't

Nialls P.O.V
How can I do it? How should I word it? How should I confess?

Zayn's P.O.V
I need help big time. I need to confess something really important to someone I really care about... And I need to fix my hair.

Louis' P.O.V
*before the date*
How can I confess to Tahlia how much I want to call her mine? "HARRY!!!"
He strutted in. "you called??"
"I need help, confessing to Tahlia, how much I love her and want her to be mine."
"well you called the right person, but we might need back up. BOYS!!!"
They all came piling into the room.
Harry started sharing his idea "ok, so here's what we're gonna do......"

Harrys P.O.V
After helping Lou plan something for Tahls, it made me realize how much I love someone. I already had a plan for what I was gonna do. Now I need to put it in action.

Cassies P.O.V
I was just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when I felt a blind fold go over my eyes. I screamed.
"it's ok Cass, it's Niall." I sighed. He started carrying me to I don't know where. I felt a cool breeze, and realized I was outside. I was then put in a seat. Probably in a car. I felt the car lurch forward and we sped off. After 10 minutes we stopped and I heard Niall's car door open and close. I was lifted out and set down on my feet. A hand took mine and the owner said "it's ok Cass, it's Hayley. I'm not allowed to tell you what's happening. So just go along with it." I nodded and was taken into a building.
"ok Cassie, I'm putting you in a dressing room. Once in there take off your mask and get dressed into the clothes in there. Once your dressed, tell me and I'll come in and do your make up. Then the blind fold will be pit back on, and you will be taken to an unknown destination. Clear?"
I was taken to the room and when the blindfold was taken off I was shocked. The room was in a boutique, there were 2 gold colored chairs, a floor to ceiling mirror on 2 of the four 3 meter long walls. There was a closet to the right of the door. In it was an aqua dress, with the top of it covered in daisies with diamonds in the middle of them. When I put it on, the front came to the top of my knees and the back came to just bellow my knees. My shoes were a pair of silver sparkly converse. You may be thinking 'converse with a dress?!? What are you thinking?' but it's my style. I hate high heels, just like Tahlia.
I called Hayley in and she straightened my hair blonde hair (She looks like Taylor Swift) and did my make up lightly.
I was then blindfolded again and led out towards a car... I think. I was seated and heard the door close, and we sped off. Yep, we're in a car.
15 minutes later we arrived. I was led out of the car by Niall and then I was seated in another chair. It felt like I was in a paddock with the long grass and the country feel. I then heard the starting tunes of One Thing and my blind fold was taken off.
In front of me was a willow tree with a pond beside it. There were lights strung around the willow and the grass was a bright green in the light of the setting sun. It was beautiful. I heard someone whisper in my ear "Do you like it?"
It must've been Harry. I turned around and it was. He led me around the tree and all of the boy were standing there except Louis who was on a date, and Niall who was who know where.
They started singing One Thing and Harry never let go of my hand, as he sang to me. When he sang
"Shot me outta the sky,
Your my kryptonite" he did his signature dance moves and then took ahold of my hand. In the bridge Harry leant down (I'm short like Tahlia) and kissed me. I felt nuclear bombs. It was so romantic. When we pulled away, it was time for Harry to sing again. By the end of the song I was in tears of joy. Harry pulled me into another kiss and said the four words that I've always wanted to come out of his mouth "Will you be mine?"

Niall's P.O.V
I was pacing back and fourth. I still don't know what to say or do. How can I say it? I'm so nervous. What will she say? Ugh! I'm worrying to much. The front door clicked and Hayley walked in. It was now or never.

Tahlia's P.O.V
Louis and I got in the car in a comfortable silence. Where was he taking me? I didn't recognize any of London, so it was very confusing. We eventually arrived at an amusement park. Wow. I've never been to one before. I was about to open the door when Louis appeared and opened it for me.
"Thank you kind sir" I said in a posh accent.
"your welcome m'lady" he said in an also posh accent. I laughed and kissed his cheek.
I suddenly froze. I saw that Louis was about to ask what was wrong, but with the 3 B*****s walking towards me, he didn't need to. With too much skin showing and their faces caked with make up, I could tell who they were. Molly, Brittany and..... Emily. They hurt Hayley about Niall and Emily said she was gonna get Louis......
My eyes went wide and I pulled Louis quickly past them. He looked super confused.
"If your wondering, they are the plastics of my old school. They were bad mouthing Niall and saying that they were gonna win the fan girl games. Emily was saying that she would win your heart or something like that" we got to the gate before Louis could say anything. He paid for 2 tickets and we entered the park. Louis asked " what have they done to you and vice versa?"
I told him the story of when she bad mouthed Niall and when Hayley threw the knife and when it landed in between Emily's legs. He laughed. I saw Emily come up behind him and tap him on the shoulder. I mouthed "don't turn around its emily" he nodded.
Instead I turned around and angrily said "What do you want?"
She smiled and slapped me across the face. I stood my ground. It only stung a little, but not enough for me to fall into a crying fit. She looked really scared, then turned her facial expression to somewhat brave. " I see you and Hayley have recovered from when I saw you last."
"I see you've recovered from the knife being thrown and landing in between your legs."
She looked scared and didn't cover it up. "Why are you embarrassing me infront of my future husband?" she whispered urgently.
"Louis and I are here on a date. I won the fan girl games so I have to marry one of them."
She started crying so I dragged Louis away. She came up to me and kicked my knees. I still didn't fall. She screamed out in frustration. "ugh!!!! Why won't you fall??"
"reality check, I've been in the fan girl games."
She screamed and walked off.
"Score 8-27 to Tahlia" I said happily.
Louis gave me a funny look and asked about the numbers.
"I might as well tell you my life story.Well, we have been best enemies since the first day of preschool. What happened was she 'accidentally' threw paint on me because I said I hated Barbie dolls. I loathed them and still do now. That was the first point to her and me.
Hayley wasn't in the picture then. My best friend was Brittany, but when I told her I liked the woods, she abandoned me for Emily. That was when my dad had died and I was 8.
I had, by then, moved in with my auntie because my mother disliked my nature of myself liking my bow and arrow. My dad gave me my second one before he died. Mum actually snapped my first one into 9 pieces.
Now I'm up to 2-1 to Amelia." Louis nodded. Amelia was her birth name and Emily is her nickname. We kept walking around, playing games. All the while I was telling him about my life,
"My next 20 points came from a prank war when we were 10. She did stuff like gluing me to the seat of my chair and putting spiders in my bag, for which she got 5 points from the 5 pranks she did. I found my way out of those easily, because they were small pranks. I actually liked spiders.
I then met Hayley. She was new and saw me do my second prank on her. She thought it was hilarious and we've been friends ever since.
Anyway, I got 2 points for each of the 4 pranks I did to her. The last prank had 10 on it because it would obviously be the best. I also added on 2 points for every month of detention I got.
The first one was when Hayley and I 'accidentally' knocked Emily, she dropped her pen. Hayley dropped her one at the same time. Hayley swapped her normal blue inked pen, for an explosive red inked pen and it exploded all over Emily. The second was when I put a frog in her pencil case and she screamed and punched me in the gut. It didn't really hurt. The next prank was with her lunch. I got a guy who liked Emily to give her a chocolate. In it was a mixture of soy sauce, lemon juice, LoL drink, pepper, garlic and cherry. She was then sick for a week and I sent her a card saying ' I hope you recover soon. I look forward to pranking you some more.' it was one of the best pranks yet." Louis laughed. And we hopped on a ride called the cyclone. Once off Louis asked me to tell him more about my experiences with Amelia. I accepted and continued to tell him.
"it's now 4-7. With me winning. She had done 2 pranks then.
My next prank was when I went bowling with Hayley and Emily was there with her posse, now completed with Molly. She was whining to the manager about having a pink ball. I had the only one and she saw me with it. So I put super glue in the holes. She slipped her fingers in and couldn't get them out. I told the manager that she had fat fingers. But I knew the real reason." I laughed, " It was so funny. She did another prank to me. She got my bow and arrows and threatened to put them in gasoline and light them on fire. So, because of that i thought of the best prank possible. It was then time for my finale.
Hayley and I went to her house at night and we broke into her room. I cut an inch off the ends of her hair, which was at her shoulders. Hayley then colored the tips of her roots green.
We did that every fortnight for 3 months. In the end she had green lined in her hair and she had no clue why. That night when she was in bed I took a picture of her with a teddy bear and with her thumb in her mouth, with the added green hair. It was priceless.
I copied the picture once and kept the original copy. I then sent the new copy to the editor of our school magazine, with an anonymous name. The next month it was posted in the school magazine, to which everyone saw.
We got detention for 1 month with the principal, who is still there now and is my family friend, so we spent the week talking like we always did when she came to my old house. It was then the points were 7- 21. Everything slowed down when we got older. I did one prank a year from when I was 11. She did one prank in that time period, but it was hopeless. Mine were huge and when I met the girls when I was 13 they were even bigger pranks. I once flooded her pool with blue food dye on a hot day. She jumped in and she came out Smurfette." Louis couldn't stop laughing at that comparison. She has blonde hair if you're wondering. " sounds like you 2 were the best of friends" he said with sarcasm. We laughed again. We got some fairy floss and shared it. I put some in Louis hair and he didn't notice. Ha ha ha!
"What about your childhood?" he laughed and then said "didn't the girls cover that when you were lectured on us." I laughed, "how do you know about that?"
"it's called an older sister like cousin called Jennifer Lawrence." I laughed. Stupid Jen!
We found ourselves at the ferris wheel.
" Do you want to go on?" asked Louis with a hint of plead in his voice. I nodded and we got in line. It was 10:30pm when we got on and the fire works were 15 minutes from starting.

"I love the pink hat on your head Lou. It really suits you." he felt on his head and took off the huge lump of fairy floss. We both laughed and tore off half and ate it, giving the other piece to me. I gladly accepted it and we sat in a comfortable silence, looking at the view and in Louis case, at me.
10 minutes later we were at the top and the ride stopped. I looked around, seeing Louis playing with his hands and a person waving up at us saying it was for the fireworks. Louis opened his mouth, paused for a minute and then said " T-Tahlia, do you want to be my girlfriend?"
I sat in thought for 2 minutes. I heard an announcer of the fireworks start counting down. Louis was staring at me with hope and love. They started counting from 10 when I said the answer, "yes Louis, I will be your girlfriend." he smiled and leaned in. When the people shouted 1, our lips touched and the fireworks started. In my stomach and in the sky.
We pulled away and looked up at the night sky, hand in hand, as a new couple, to stare at the fireworks that we felt during the most romantic kiss of our lives....... so far.
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