Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


8. Days 3 and 4

The next morning the Tracker Jackers luckily weren't very active. I packed my things away and gave them to Hayley. I continued cutting. I told the girls to get ready and to pack their things away. I could see I wasn't far off. A minute later it dropped.
I jumped over to Hayley and got my things. I feel sorry for the girls because they only just woke up and the Tracker Jackers had already stung them. One of the girls got away with very few stings and the rest died. BOOM, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!!!! The cannons went.
I jumped down from the tree when the attack was over and ran to get Matisse. She got 6 stings. I sat there crying. Matisse was unconscious. I tried waking her up when BOOM, BOOM! I heard 2 more cannons. Probably the girl who ran off and..... I leant down and listened to Matisse's heart,then felt her pulse. Nothing... I cried out in sadness and dropped to my knees. Morgan the girls all came to comfort me and Sarah was standing there in shock. I gave her a bone crushing hug. We stayed like that until Hayley picked me up and put me over her shoulder.
We walked down to a lake and went into the water. It was then I realized how thirsty I was. I hadn't had anything to drink in 3 days! I gulped down what seemed like a million cups of water. Then began to wash off. 15 take away 6 is 9. There is 14 contestants including us.
Night came almost to quickly and I cuddled into my sleeping bag started crying.
"Tahlia, are you ok?"
"Yeah *sniff* I guess."
"Come here." She gave me a hug and we sat there talking and crying until we had no more tears in us. BOOM! Went another cannon. I jumped and almost fell out of the tree.
"Don't let gravity get you down Tahlia, you know better than that."
"Thank you Hayley, for being there for me, when others couldn't. You are truly an inspiration to me." she hugged me tight then hopped into her own sleeping bag.
"That's ok Tahls, I'm only doing my job, the one you assigned me in grade 3, which is being your friend. Good night Tahls! Let's hope the odds are in our favor tomorrow!" after that I fell into a dreamless sleep.
The next morning I remembered the rabbit. So I dropped to the ground. I heard people coming so I climbed 2 meters up and listened. " Those Aussie Sluts are gonna pay for killing our friends. I bet that they are....." she didn't get to finish because I put an arrow through her and her friend looked up. BOOM! Shit!
She jumped onto the tree and threw a knife at me. I almost dodged. It swiped my face leaving a cut on my cheek. Hayley was sneaking up behind her but the girl pulled her arm back and it scratched Hayley's cheek too.
I got my bow and arrow ready while Hayley got her knife. The girl pushed me and I fell forwards. Luckily landing on my feet in a crouch position. She jumped on top of my back and I stumbled onto my stomach. She turned me over and sat on my stomach saying "Where's Louis to save you know... Huh? Wait, I know, he's watching it all on t.v. Too bad he'll see you die."
She pulled her arm back and lunged it forward, the tip of it just touched my face. She pulled back the knife again and I closed my eyes, except the pain didn't come. Hayley had taken the knife and stabbed her in the back.
"This is for threatening us *stab*, this is for hurting me*stab*, this is for hurting Tahlia twice *stab stab*, this is for making Louis freak out*stab* and this is for trying to kill my best friend *stab*. Do not touch us again." BOOM! The cannon sounded and Hayley ran and hugged me. "Don't scare me like that again Tahls. You and the girls are all I have."
That is in fact true. Hayley is 18, and her parents died in a car crash with her big sister. That's why Jen and her are also so close and why she lives with me.
We picked our stuff up and walked to another area. After 3 hours of walking we stopped at a river. I shot some fish with my bow and arrow and we ate a feast of a rabbit and some fish. Night soon came and we climbed up into a tree to watch and see who died. 4 girls died today, including the two who we killed. I just want this to all be over. I won't be able to live with being a murderer.
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