Eyes Open

Tahlia Kay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl, reads through a magazine when her eyes skim over an add:
Without thinking her and her four best friends Hayley, Cassie, Georgie and Morgan sign up, having an idea that it could be fake. When everything they have set on that idea is crushed, what happens? Well, let's just say they are gonna have to keep their eyes open.


7. Day 2

When I woke up I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to see Sarah and Matisse with the rest of the girls. I screamed and they almost fell out of the tree. "I've always wanted to fall out of a tree in the morning. I dreamt about it last night,actually... What happened to gravity being a girls best friend?" Hayley said sarcastically. We all laughed." its apparently supposed to be diamonds... But you know" I said.
I opened up my bag and ate an apple. I jumped down from the tree and walked to the old camp of the girls. They still hadn't been collected, so I shut their eyes and took out the arrows from their chests, then zipped their jackets up, so their wounds wouldn't show.
When I walked away I saw that the girls were gathering their stuff quickly. I saw why when a huge wave coming from a lake was lapping at my ankles.
I grabbed my stuff and ran with the girls hot on my heels, away from the water. It was coming nearer and nearer. I suddenly tripped on a tree root and I fell into the water. It was trying to pull me under, but I kept fighting. The others all climbed a tree when they saw they were close to the cornucopia. I was still a good 10 meters behind them. The waves were not giving up. Occasionally pulling me under. Eventually I gave up on keeping my head above water and swam with the current. I grabbed onto a tree branch and hailed myself up onto it.the waves then decided that they hadn't had enough and were rising. I climbed and climbed until my arms were sore. They were now just touching the branches below me. I climbed up higher. I was about to climb up another branch when I saw a nest. I thought these were made up but clearly not. It was a tracker jacker nest. They can cause hallucinations and pain, but in extreme causes, death apparently. I saw that they were very active. So I didn't really bother them.
During the day the waves slowly went down. By what looked like 12:00pm they were completely gone. I got down and went looking for the others. I eventually found them a tree, so i decided to scare them. I crept up behind morgan and Georgie, making sure there was no knives in their hands, and waved at Hayley. She giggled and signed yes. 1,2,3... "BOO!!!" I screamed. They fell down a branch and screamed. I laughed so hard that my face was red. "Never do that again Tahlia Delilah Kay!" said Morgan. I hung my head " Yes mummy Spitfire." everyone laughed.
Soon after that I went hunting. I caught 3 rabbits and skinned and gutted them. They would make a good lunch or dinner. I heard a scream. Matisse! I ran towards the sound."Matisse!!!" i shouted sprinting and weaving through the trees. "MATISSE!!" I finally found her. She was curled up in a ball? I saw a snake bite on her ankle. "SHIT!" Matisse shouted. I drenched it in the bite in water and wrapped it in a bandage. She started shaking uncontrollably. Poor her. Hayley came over and kissed her forehead. "The venom is getting to her Tahlia. She's dying." Hayley started crying. We are all very close to each other now.
The rest of the girls came over and hugged Matisse. I heard a crackling in the bushes. The 5 girls from New Zealand... I think. No one knows who is left now they saw us and I hurried up a tree. The others followed suit, except Matisse. She was hiding in a bush.
The girls tried to hit us with arrows and knives bit we kept doeging them. Everyone was ok except for me and Sarah. Sarah had a long cut on her forehead and I now had a cut on my arm. Though it was small, it killed!
The girls then got tired and set up camp. I sat back against the trunk of the tree and then heard familiar buzzing. Tracker Jackers! I thought of the Hunger Games and back to Katniss with the Tracker Jackers. What did she do? Think, think!! Aha! I took put a sword I found and started cutting the branch. The other girls followed suit. Lucky the little terrors weren't active or we would've been stung. It was nearing dark now and the sky lit up with the people who died. 7 girls died today. That brings 22 down to 15. The Tracker Jackers would now have to wait because it was dark. Maybe tomorrow morning.
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